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An Actual Topic

Feb 21, 2001
Just remembered something about the Magna that I hadn't really noticed when I last posted on it. Talk about design, the Magna has something on it I've never seen on any other, at any price. (Well, I suspect it may be on the Carson Model 4).

With all the concerns on the forums about linerlock failure, I was heartened considerably when I read the article several issues ago in TK about the knife fighting seminar provided by Sig Sauer's training facility. The instructor, Michael deBethencourt, teaches that knives should be held "upside down" in comparison with normal grips.

This made quite a bit of sense to me, because if a liner lock broke/gave way, most of the force on the blade would make it remain open, not serve to close it. Much like slip joints too, of course.

Well, somewhere along the line, I realized that the Magna had grooves for the thumb to make a purchase when the knife is held upside down. The relatively flat lower edge of the knife makes upside down feel quite good, compared to knives with more drop to the handle. And, for the saber grip, there is extra help for the thumb.

Anybody out there practicing with Magnas upside down? (Carson's CRKT M16s have a shape conducive to upside down hold also. Don't think the Magna is any accident.)
I never thought of that. The magna always looked kind of plain to me, but now that you say that, I want one!