an awesome skinning and hunting knife

Dec 19, 1998
I just pulled all my sheath knives out for a cutting test.I own a few customs and production knives.For the test I started whittling on some spruce that I had split for kindling.The knives used were: small sabenza, a custom by Bill Duff, a Wayne Hendrix , A finn knife with a gut hook ( my usual favorite ) a Randall #11 , A small Stamacus hunter ,and a john Chamberlin.After an hour of whittlin' and cutting thru knots, The hands down winner was the Randall , followed by the Finn. I have quite a few knives , both folding and sheath , but none come close to this new knife.Could it be the thin blade geometry and forging that gives this fine performance? What's your best shaving and cutting knife??
The one I use most for fine work in the shop, for leather and wood, is a Frost's of Sweden laminated blade. They are reputedly hardened to R62 and take an edge keen enough to cut you from across the room. A trapper friend swears by his for difficult fleshing jobs. Just as good IMHO are the inexpensive utility blades from Martinni (hope I spelled that right); Chaicutlery list them. I think they're made from old files. I rehandled a couple for some friends. I lust for a Kellam blade, though. Does anyone out there know what "silver steel" used by the Finns is? I've read about it, but never seen any specs. The high carbon steel from Roselli -- and I'm not talking about the wootz steel -- is also superb. Markku, are you out there?
I believe the "silver steel" Kellam refers to is in the drill rod family of steels and I would speculate it to be A2 because it is commonly used for drill rod and typicaly has about 5% chromium, hence the "silver" designation. I was in Kellam's shop and saw several of the handforged Tommi knives he was selling as kits and they were all forged from round stock. All of those handforged knives I handled were sharp beyond belief, and held their sharpness well as was demonstrated to me willingly by Jouni Kellokoski, the owner of Kellam.

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Kellum had a sweet little thing , carving with one of the small tommi's at SCI convention last spring. Man I had a lust for that knife, but had just purchased a nice pair of Leica bino's. I still visit Kellum's website with a gleem in my eye..