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An Improved Chakram?

Discussion in 'Throwing Knives & Knife Throwing' started by JacobLeSann, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. JacobLeSann


    Oct 19, 2018
    Not sure how to upload images but here’s a video I made on this topic. Testing starts around 3 minutes in.

    Anyways, I’ve always had an interest in throwing knives, but I just can’t get around the practice and time it takes to get them sticking well. I’m also much more of a fan of cutting-focused blades over pokers, it that makes sense.

    So I started by making a homemade Chakram out of a circular saw blade. It cut great, but it had issues with its flight, similar to how throwing stars fly. They have uneven lift which causes them to roll over in their flight path; completely inaccurate for my personal tastes.

    So I made a Chakram from a Cultivator Disc, which had a frisbee shape. Didn’t turn over, but didn’t fly far either.

    The final one I made from some sort of high carbon ring I found. I honestly don’t know what it is, it’s got similar characteristics to spring steel, just a tad softer. Either way, it was about a 1/4” thick and it had some deep angled grooves along the centre of each face. I ground the bottom flat and rounded over the inside, then I ground the outside to a sharp edge.

    So in short, I have effectively made a sharp steel Aerobie. It works wonderfully. I’ve pushed it out to almost 70 Metres at one point, and I’m far from an expert thrower. It chops through branches, splits boards, and slices through bottles, and all kinds of dangerous fun LOL.

    And for those wondering, it’s safe than you’d think. The inside is rounded over and not sharp at all. It allows you to get a solid grip using your index and middle finger. You can use this grip with a whipping motion to fling the thing at pretty vicious speeds, and control exactly when you want to let go. I much prefer it over the grip and release of a normal throwing star.

    Anyhow, long post, but I’ve read many posts all over about people who’d like to know about Chakrams, so I figured you guys might be interested.
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