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An Onion that don't bend in the middle!!

Dec 21, 2000

Got this sweet heart several years ago at a gun and knife show. Does Mr.Onion make fixed blade knives nowadays? Just thought I would show you guys this knife since all that we see of his work latley is folders. Not that I'm complaining about that though! ;)
Yeah, he's not too bad for an ole Jarhead! :)

Semper Fi!
Thanks for sharing , that knife is at least seven years old .The sheath still looks intact too. Sometimes I forget where I've been and it's nice to reflect,kinda like seeing an old girlfriend you havn't seen in a long time. Glad you still like it.
Hello Mr. Onion! This knife is the pride of my collection. I don't think I could ever stop likeing this knife. I'm a up in the air however as to the particulars of this knife. If you could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. Blade material, handle material, bolster material.
Yes the sheath is still in great condition also. To everyone who posted this is the back side of the sheath. Just beautifully done knife/sheath.

Thank you Ken for such a well done knife. You have great skill.

Did I mention the bolsters are dovetailed? :cool:
Sure I'll give you the specs . the blade is 440c, the handle is dyed and stabilized maple burl, the bolsters are nickel silver as are the pins. I made it in 1994 and Paul Bos did the heat treat. The sheath is 7-8 oz vegetable tanned leather dyed marine cordovan,wet formed and sealed with dr jacksons hide rejuvinator and coated with super sheen to seal out moisture hand stitched by me.
It is the only one I made like it.

I'm glad you like it.Thanks again for sharing
That is one beautiful knife.

I'm beginning to become obbsesed with Mr. Onion's knives, where can i buy some???