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An "Osprey," knife-what would it be?

Jun 19, 1999
Hmmm, what should a knife named "Osprey," really look like? Prehaps we should try to figure this out. I don't mean merely a scrimshaw handle showing an osprey, I mean a modern knife with characteristics similar to those of the bird.

If you don't know what one is, it's a really REALLY big bird living in Canada and New England that is a fierce predator and hunter with the largest wingspan of just about any bird. It is usually brown in color, and flys at high altitudes. It has a high-pitched cry, and usually steals it's nests, which have already been built by eagles or vultures.

What would this knife look like?


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Hmmm... I would say it would have to look something like the Spyderco Harpy... at least in the blade that is.
An Osprey being a hunting bird - thay can be larg... Hmmm...
Hooked blade, fixed blade... Sounds like a neck knife to me so far...

Think a REKAT FANG with a HARPY blade.

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