Ana Khola (or whatever it's called)

Jul 14, 1999

I whole heartedly agree with Blackdog. IMO both Bill and Craig sell kukris that are well made and sincerely appreciated by their new owners. I know I do. I bought from both. You can not go wrong buying from either one. I know when I started collecting kukris I did not much. Not everyone has enough money to go out and purchase a higher costing kukri. If you remember, some of the cheaper Village models turned out to be pretty good. If you do not like Bill or Craig please do not slam them. Nit pick their products to death but not the men selling the knives. It is time to chill. If you don't like it don't buy it. The sun will still come up tomorrow. Good night all.
Over the past several months I've purchased eight khukuris from HI and four from Gurkha House. In the process I've been privileged to exchange phone conversations and extended email discussions with Uncle Bill and Craig, getting to know both men as well as possible in a long-distance correspondence. I believe it is fair to say that neither is likely to qualify for sainthood in this particular incarnation, but both are genuinely interesting, intelligent and caring human beings who have each made contributions to the knife collecting community. I'm proud to know them both. I have enjoyed participating in this forum, and hope that it can continue to adhere to the spirited but civilized discussion of different viewpoints which characterizes it at its best. Personal attacks are unworthy of the forum and its members.
You are both true gentlemen. I don't like getting all mushy and watery-eyed, but I will say it plainly: this forum is truly, as Blackdog said it, the best in the world.

Craig Gottlieb
Gurkha House
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