AncientSul's knife design, please comment.

Apr 19, 1999
Hi all!

AncientSul has asked me to post this knife on his behalf because he is busy and i'm always at the computer...hehe!

He designed it and he call it VER. Well, at least that is what he wrote in his email to's made by Terry Hearn(btw...nice work), 4" of ATS-34 blade, 4" handle with green and black G-10 scales. It's an all around knife....please feel free to leave your comments here. And....Liong, nice much did you pay for it?


VER= Versatile right?

I like more of a drop point but the handle design is nice.
Eric, Thank you. U wont believe the prices. U just got to talk to him. Better be quick guys he is getting famous.

I guess Ver(satile) would be a great name.
I just made it up that is what happens when you dont sleep and dream up of a knife.

I hope you guys like it and I will have more. Thank you.


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Does ancientsul have a web site so I can see his other work. I like what I see so far.
Very Nice! Intersting design. What role did you have in mind for this knife. I'm curious to see if I guessed right.

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Dirk, Terry is a very open minded maker. And very friendly and nice. I drew out the design totally on paper. Blade lenght and size was up to me. This knife looks exactly what my mind envisioned. We emailed back and forth as to what materials for the knife. Terry did a great job.

Dirk, this will be a somewhat of a defensive knife for me. A small everyday carry in kydex sheath. I love carring folders but would love to carry fixed blades. The handle is right at 4 inches so it is small but since I put a lot of ergonomics in to the handle it will feel very comfortable.

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I think I need to actually handle it!! It looks comfy. I like the green/black G10 and mosaic pins.......
YUP, I need to fondle the darn thing!!
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Return postage might facilitate you getting it back if I don't like it


I guessed right. I initially thought a utility/work knife. Then, I looked at the shape again and thought I saw some good defensive cutting ability there. A broad point like that is akin to a large caliber bullet.

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I like the handle very much. The colours are great.

As for the shape of the is uncommon. If it cuts well, feels great, and serves many purposes, then it should be very fine as well.

Well done, Liong.

I am afraid to ask ow much it really costs you.

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Neil, you could have made it for me but u said u were busy so I had to find someone else. Thank God Terry is such a great guy. He was so patient and helpful and did everything I wanted. Really an awesome guy. Neil maybe one day.

Dirk, U Guessed right dude.

Golok, Don't worry about price. I wish you gus could handle this. It feels great and so VERSATILE. Later dude.


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Nice looking knife. Very comfortable looking handle. Congratulations on getting the knife of your dreams made reality.
Dude - I handled the piece when I dropped by AncientSul's place!!! Excellent price for such a practically designed blade by AncientSul himself!!!

BTW -- If you knifeknuts in KL would want one... Make an order before you hit next year's Blade Show!

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Looks great, nice dropped handle design, Its a skinning knife blade shape,right? I think it needs more of a point though.Is that canvas Micarta?
Ironhorse, that is Black and green G-10. Really nice you can see all different shades of green and blue to black.

Samo, Thank you I am glad you like it. Hey if you guys want one just let me know. Or contact Terry Hearn. He has a website. He does excellent work and is fun to work with.

Later dudes,

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