And depression sets in....

Aug 25, 1999
Sent off the money order to a forum member for my Dozier two weeks ago. Haven't recieved the blade- or a response from e-mails trying to make sure he recieved the check. Hope he's on vacation or something. Hate to think I'd get hosed by a blade-brother! I'll give it more time then let you all know the scoop.
Man im sorry to heard that. I have only done a few trades here but all worked well. Last time I sold to 5 seperate people. I sent the knives out the day after the deals were made, before any money orders arrived. Happy to say 4 of the money orders have shown up. Im sure the 5th one is on the way. Everybody I shipped to lived various distances away so most mo's showed up at differant times. I trusted these people to send money, so I didnt wait to ship the knives, I did it immediatly. These people put thier trust in me to ship them the knives, which I did. I will be more than happy to deal with any of them again. I sure hope your deal works out good. I would hate to see the trust everyone has worked so hard to build be broken.
Richard, thanks pal. I sincerely hope it is an oversight. Like I said, I'll give it some more time, because, like you, I basically trust people (especially forum members!). I just wish he'd answer my e-mails!
You can always seaech the web yellow and white pages to see if you can locate the person and their land number. Most places like Yahoo, Prodigy, and AOL have these search engines.Good Luck
PT I feel for you. I am going through something similar in that I won an auction for a high cap magazine for my SIG 226. I sent the MO over 15 days ago, and had one e mail response from the guy saying that it had not arrived. Luckily I kept the reciept for the MO, and plan to send it in for a refund, assuming that it was lost in the mail. If it is a case of theft by fraud, I will have to contact the post office. Either way, I would much rather have had the magazine.
I am sure it cost nowhere near the same as the Dozier you wanted. Hopefully it is an honest mistake.
Well, if the whole thing get sour, you know where to post and warn the others. But at the meantime, give the bloke some time cause you may never know. To be honest, I REALLY hate the fact that the someone did not respond. Anyway, i wish you luck!

Wicked bummer to think one of our blade brothers couldn't be trusted
. Keep us posted. I've been lucky, lots of guys will sent items BEFORE I mail out my payment. Now that is TRUST. I haven't had a problem with check bouncing either.

Ray 'md2020'
Carefull, PTP, never jump to conclusions. Once the knife or knives you paid for arrives, if and when the person you were doing business with sees this probably won't help your friendship.

Good luck!

I need a bigger bucket.
Stompy, good point and well taken. At this point, not nearly enough time has passed to make me think that something underhanded has happened. It is simply the dissappointment of seeing the mailman leave every day that led to this thread!! And the lack of response to e-mails..but like I said before, he may be on vacation, maybe there's a family crisis, heck, there's a million things that would take precedent over this transaction. I was just looking for (and got!) a sympathetic shoulder to whine on from my forum buddies! Thanks guys, I will continue to grit my teeth and wait.
I worked a deal with someone for a EDI Genesis and it went fine. To think a bladeforum member would screw another one over like that isn't a good thought. It could of got lost in the mail, but when something like this happens, you got to wonder if you got the shaft...
GREAT NEWS!! His wife just gave him all his mail today, including my money order!! Thanks for all the great support, guys. I'll let you know when I get it in the Review posts.

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