And the Winner is..........

Oct 2, 1998
Well I don't know yet. However at midnight I will make the selction. Here is how I will do it with your help so it is fair.

Each member has been assigned a random number between 1 & 503 (the number of members). At midnight, on this thread, anyone can pick a number between 1 & 503. The first post past midnight will be the number we use. Remember our server is on the east coast. I will then see which member that number belongs to. The member will notified via email and we will post it in here. The member will have 72 Hours to claim there prize, which is a Kershaw Mini-Task donated by ABC-Direct!

If the member does not claim the prize within that time the prize will revert to the member who belongs to the next number on this thread past midnight and so on 'til we get a winner.

Admistrators are not allowed to participate so that number will be thrown out. Moderators can participate or elect to pass the prize on should they win.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

PS The numbers have nothing to do with the date you became a member or where you are alphabetically.

So remember to pick a number between 1 & 503 at midnight!

Whoops... 3 minutes too late...

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Well folks it PAYS TO POST!

The first choice number 158 had no posts so they lost!

The second choice number 150 also had no posts so they lost too!

The winner was chosen by Lucky Dog and is:
Date Registered: 10-22-98
Status: Junior Member
Total Posts: 3
Current Email:
Homepage: http://
Occupation: Police/PT knifemaker
Location: Hollywood, Florida, USA
Interests: same

So Billy you are the WINNER!

You have 72 hours to claim your prize.

At 12 Midnight on Tuesday if we do not receive a confirmation and a snail mail address, the prize will go to the fourth on the list.

Send your confirmation to:

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

PS A very special thanks to <a href="">ABC-Direct!</a> for donating the giveaway knife. A Kershaw Mini-Task!
call me stupid, but i dont get it luck dog picks the number but does'nt win????

hey unluck dog maybe billy(the winner thanks to you) can get you out of a ticket or get you a $1000.00 donor sticker for your car... come to think of it i could use one of those stickers too billy
Gregg, think of it like a lottery:

A person picks the winning numbers for the lottery, but they don't win the prize, right?

Lucky Dog picked a number that corresponded to a random member of That person won the prize.

Sorry, you lost me. Whats this "pick a number by midnight" sh*t? Just pick a poster and be done with it. I can't be checking all the time. You got 503 numbers, pick one at random and thats it. Period. Wadda ya mean I gotta pick a number too? Sorry, but again, ya lost me!!!!!
Hey Chad,

I'll admit, this isn't the most clear cut way to do it, and next time we'll probably do it differently, but the first time out we wanted the members of the forum to take part in picking the winner.

Lucky Dog chose the random number, and as a result, Billy won a free knife (provided he can be contacted).

Next time it will be handled a bit differently, don't worry.

I don't see the big deal ! OK lets all close our eyes and pretend the numbers were drawn out of a hat. Now that makes it better. Just my .02 cents
It was a random, fair drawing...jeez, its not rocket science and it didn't require "checking all the time".
Just don't call him late for dinner......

Sorry Guys! I promise not to post after a party again.
I was a bit outta line there and I won't do it again. Mike, Spark, it's your forum you do it however you want. Sorry again.
WOW you sleep late and then wake up to watch a couple football games and people come in here and have too much fun.

Let me explain. Last night I decided to let a member pick the number that I was going to let my daughter pick. I assigned each member a random number. Then I let a member pick a number between 1 & 503 (the total number of Members). The member who belongs to that number and had made at least one post wins. I actually like it that way since it removes the possibility for fixing the winner. The first 2 numbers picked were assigned to members who had no posts, therefor making them not eligible for the prize. The thirds number, chosen by Luck Dog, was assigned to a member who had made at least one post. Easy I thought. So what is the problem?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

PS Thanks for your apology Chad.
No problem here.
You came up with a method of choosing a winner that was fair. I like the member participation. I'm sure most of the other members also appreciate the thought that went into it.
Would i change it? No. I could have picked the random number if i was on-line at the time,(10 min.late).
If someone happened to pick their own number I wouldn't cry "foul". I trust you to give everyone an equal chance.
Thanks for a well run forum..


Sounds like a fair and random way to choose to me... But you got the WRONG number! (grin)

Nice execution. This is going to be fun!