Andy and Bobby, are you familiar with...

Feb 11, 2000
Harry McEvoy?
Anymatter, I just recieved my Light Infantry Hawk as you know, and while playing with it ( it just begs to be thrown...Mel Gibson eat your heart out
) something dawned on me! I found a cool book written by this gentleman last fall in northern Minnesota titled "Knife and Tomahawk Throwing" - about 28 pgs long. He also features a couple other guys by the names of Skeeter Vaughn and Tony Cascaralla. It is a really informative source and also has a bit of history as well. If you haven't seen it, contact me and I'll get you the publishing info.

So, besides sharing that little tidbit I have to say that the Hawk is awesome! I plan on putting it to some work this weekend and luckily will find something to thunk it into

I saw the same book at a show recently. Decided to go back and buy it and promptly forgot before I left.

What's up with him guys?

All of this talk about the Hawks makes me want one! HMMMMM

Can I get one soon Andy?

Where's Hawkchucker lately?

Strabs, I knew Harry well, as a matter of fact he was my inspiration for making throwing knives. I am still in touch and maintain a great friendship with his son Steve. Harry was know as the father of modern day knife throwing. He was very instrumental in keeping knife throwing alive through his many books and magazine articles.
I tried to make contact with Tony a few years ago but found out that he was in very poor health. The American Knife Throwers Alliance was turned over to me with best wishes and support from the McEvoy family



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That's cool Bobby

It's really a fun read, and it gives a lot of insight into throwing. ...if I get the hang of the hawk I might have to check into your line of knives next