Andy is One Hell of a Guy!!!


May 31, 2001
Andy was kind enough to invite me up to his place for some Hawk throwing. After braving the ins and outs of the Garden State Parkway I made my way to Midland Park, a very nice suburban town in Bergen County.

Andy greeted me at the door with a warm hug as if I was a long lost brother (Andy and I have similar ethnic backgrounds, so this is normal and expected).

Andy introduced me to Alexia his long suffering younger sister who was busy packing boxes with Viet Nam Hawks; for those of you who are waiting on these beauties, the time is near.

Andy led me to the logs and in no time had me doing successful throws, which simply amazed me. We threw Ranger Spike Hawks, Viet Nam Hawks and a very nice custom throwing knife Andy had made for himself. I was even able to stick the knife under Andy’s tutelage.

After tossing steel for awhile Andy and I sat in the shade of a large tree smoked a few cigars and talked knives.

I want to extend a warm Thank You to Andy for his hospitality. My only regret was not leaving with one of those fantastic Viet Nam Hawks…maybe next time.

Oh and Alexia, all big brothers are like that.

I agree 110%.

Been there, done that.....well, almost just that, exept with Big East bows. We shot at his place, then on to an indoor range till 10:30 that evening.

Andy is a one of a kind, and I wish him more than the best.

I also got to eat dinner with him the night the Blade Show ended.

Great to see you again Andy, and thanks for the card.

You and Amy are the best.