Andy Keyworth Design - Kagitsume šŸ„·

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
Designed by Ottawa, Canada based Martial Blade Concepts instructor Andy Keyworth, the Kagistsume knife is a perfect embodiment of the MBC philosophy. Pronounced with a hard G as "kuh-geet-soo-may", meaning hidden claw - this design offers the straight Wharncliffe edge advocated so vigorously by MBC founder Michael Janich, and a neutral handle that manages to be both hand filling and relatively minimalist at the same time, an impressive feat. Comfortable in all of the basic martial grips, it especially excels in Filipino grip, while also being comfortable for use as a utility cutter. I am pleased to have worked together with Andy on building his first three prototype which he profiled from O1 tool steel and heat treated before we met. Andy granted me permission to make a small number of these in my recent MagnaCut run, and I am honored to show the first of these here, which, of course, is going to be on its way to Andy today. At this time, there are only six of this amazing blade design in existence, the original three in O1, and three in MagnaCut, two of which belong to Andy, and the third being already spoken for by one very fortunate individual.

So with no further ado, please allow me to introduce the very first of a limited number of MagnaCut Kagistume, this one with black Suretouch, and destined for Ottawa later this very afternoon. Thanks for looking!

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Looks like a good classic design.
I bet it would serve as a good comfy utility knife. Too.
Unlike Andy, I have never spent time in Japan... it seems there was a slight misunderstanding regarding the name of the model, which I had previously typed incorrectly as "Kagistune". It is in fact "Kagitume". Thank you.