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Discussion in 'American Tomahawk Company' started by muzzleup, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. muzzleup


    Jul 2, 2000
    I know that there is some hard feelings going on and being posted on these forums with regards to Justin Gingrich and Andy Prisco.
    When I first read the post my brain went tilt and I started saying some unkind things about Andy Prisco and ATC.
    These things I should never have said on line and I am now very sorry that I said what I said to hurt or dishonor Andy Prisco.
    There is just one thing I can truthfully say and that's "ANDY PRISCO HAS NEVER DONE ME WRONG AND I HAD NO BUSINESS DOING HIM WRONG"

    Sorry Andy

    Ron Cassel
    :eek: :foot:
  2. Andy Prisco

    Andy Prisco

    Nov 2, 1999

    No need for a public apology...your e-mail to me was quite satisfactory.

    That situation is being handled by our attorneys and for good reason.

    I have no intention of letting discussion about it develop on these forums. I am confident that plenty of folks would weigh in, particularly on this forum, with positive things to say about American Tomahawk and me. That wouldn't be new.

    However, this forum is not the environment for that dispute to be aired.

    Thank you for your good intentions. I appreciate it.
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