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Anhydrous Borax HELP!!!

Mar 26, 2000
Ok all you damascus making guys in the northern or north west US. I need some borax. If it is not Ilegle to ship 5 to 10 lb. in the post please e-mail me a price if you can ship me some. Will pay all costs. The only way I can find to buy it up here is in 50 lb bags at an outragous price. 50 lbs would last me years but it would break the bank also. I have been using the 20 mule team type but I hate it floating around in the shop.
This may be beating a dead horse, but your local ceramic supply shop. Or you can make your own anhydrous borax from the 20 Mule Team stuff. The method is in "The Pattern Welded Blade" by Jim Hrisoulas.
You know Robert, I think you can just make your own by drying out the 20 Mule Team...Carefully heat it up in an old cast iron skillet until it melts and let it harden up as it cools...

Bust it up and keep in a sealed air tight container...

Am I wrong about this, anyone? :confused:

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Doesnt UPS go into Canada? Jeff Carlyle from Swains Spring Service in Montana is where I get mine. Email me if you need the addy. and Phone #.
RD - you're sort of right.

I don't think the stove top will be hot enough to melt the borax. You'll probably need forging temperatures. One word of caution - melted borax is nasty caustic stuff. Be safe, and be careful! Read JH's book, he'll set ya right.
Yes thats how i make mine from 20 mule team borax..But it takes a lot of heat.. I use a forge burner,a tiger torch also works.Also had to fabricate a heat retainer with fire brick.. When it finally melts it turns into a hard glass like substance.but it breaks down easily