"Animal Attack" Threads - See "Community Center"

Oct 3, 1998
In response to some "diverse comments," and to balance the load a bit (47,000+ posts here, 1,700+ posts there), I am moving all "What Knife for a [name of one of God's critters] Attack" threads over to the "Community Center" forum and deleting them from here. If your grizzly, elk, or woodchuck is missing, look for him there.

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Admirable and inspired solution. Keep this forum closer to serious, moves other ( admittedly fun ) nonsense to an appropriate forum without locking it. Now if I can only remember to check Community forum for my daily dose of theraputic insanity.

"The thing about acting crazy isn't that it keeps you from going nuts, but that when you finally do snap, at least you'll be in familiar territory."

Hmmm... best folder for porcupine attacks? Best fixed blade for a charging skunk?

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