Ankle holster for. . .knives?

Oct 9, 1998
Not for combat, but as a discreet carry mode. I recall reading in a gun rag that Renegade, maker of fine ankle holsters for guns, was gong to produce a ankle holster with areas for a surefire and a knife. Any info or opinions?
Sounds like a cool idea.I have a buck 110 that would ride very nicely in an ankle holster.any information would be appreciated.
I have multi-carry rigs for my old Gerber Mk1 and Gerber Guardian. The set includes an elastic and Velcro ankle rig.
Both work fine. If you don't wear trousers.
Access is very difficult and, even, impossible with one hand. If you want to retrodress in 70s bellbottoms, you have a chance. The only place it might be advantageous is seated in a car.
It is ,also, difficult to access the knife surreptitiously.

Reminds me of a bloke I met who has a gunshop in Sydney. He used to wear a stainless S&W .38 Sp in an ankle rig. One day, he was held up at gunpoint by a man who wanted the contents of the safe (mostly handguns). The shop-owner was enraged and, foolishly, tackled the BG. They wrestled all over the shop while the victim tried to draw his S&W....without success. He just could not get at it with one hand.
Anyway, the BG escaped leaving his gun and jacket behind. The gun ,BTW, proved to be a replica and Malcolm (just remembered his name) was embarrassed that he had not realized this.
He doesn't wear an ankle holster any more.

For a backup knife, the ankle carry is a final resort, IMO. And if is the only choice, inverted carry is essential.

Brian W E
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Sheesh! Next thing ya'know they'll start making knives with sheaths that'll attach to people's boots!


I once had a bundled ankle sheath for one of my folders and after trying it once, ditched it. I felt the weight of it shifting around too much and felt it was creating a lot of drag in my natural movements. Of course this was just my experience and it's true I didn't really try to get 'used to it'. If I have to get used to any rig, it'll most likely be for fast deploy.
However, something that I think would be important(only for your criteria) is compactness and lightness, a big heavy bulge by your ankle doesn't sound comfortable for natural everyday movements and if for some bizzare reason you find yourself running like a bat out of Hell
you probably won't want to feel like you/ve got an ankleweight on. Again, just a personal perspective.
If anyone's got positive experiences with a particular ankle rig please let me know, I haven't completely ruled them out of my future.

The original version of the Cold Steel Culloden came with a velcro-attached sheath meant to be for leg carry. As it was a recreation of the Scottish Skean Dhu (?) it was designed to be worn beneath the tall socks worn with a kilt. Gee, I wish we had a bagpipe playing knife nut in the group who could further enlighten us. Are you out there, David?

*Sleeve* rigs have more potential for some blades, especially skinny little "neck knife types" like the Livesay Woo, Myerchin A500, MD Operator, etc. Same basic rig type, just use the smallest size ankle neoprene type rig...

Jim March

RJP just reminded me of something I did once a long time ago.
I had a black nylon pouchsheath for a folder that I laced onto my left boot(old hi-tecs) right up the front. With the pouch and boot having a lot of black nylon they blended real well and if I'd worn pants over the boots the sheath would have been concealed.
I still felt the drag, but the knife and sheath were compact and light enough that I probably would have gotten used to the rig had I kept wearing it.
If you wear lace up boots(9"+)at all and have a lightweight folder w/pouchsheath you may want to try this inexpensive method sometime.

Holster maker Ken Null of Resaca, Georgia catalogs an ankle holster designated as "Ank". It was made especially for the Gerber Guardian back up but he can probably have one made for some other blade model. Hope this helps a bit.


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