Announcing the BladeForums.Com Blade of the Month Club!

Oct 2, 1998
OK we are a go!

Each month you ( the BladeForums.Com member ) will vote, using our survey software, on the Blades of the month. There are 3 categories to select from:

Factory Folders
Factory Fixed Blades
Factory MultiTools

The winning items will be offered to our members through the BFC Store!

How it will work.
Each month we will start a thread allowing you to nominate that months knife for each category. This will be the first thread you can nominate a blade in. The knives must be readily available factory knives. Then we will select the top five candidates for each category and place them in the survey. The winner from each category will then be placed for sale to our members at a special price for about 30 days ending on the first of the following month. The knives ordered from the BFC Store will then be ordered for our members.

What knives should be in the survey?
Well basically that is up to you.
We are looking for what's new, What's Hot and What is an old standby.

So go ahead and nominate which knife you would like in each category. You can nominate a knife you already have because you like it or nominate a knife because you want it.

Please try to limit your nomination to one knife per category. You may say why you like the knife in your post. You can also nominate a knife which has already been nominated. This will also help us choose which ones should be in the survey based on the popularity and the number of the nominations that knife receives.

So again here are the categories and have fun!

Be specific please. In other words don't just say Benchmade or any Spyderco.

Factory Folder (must be readily available)
Factory Fixed Blade (Again must be readily available)
Factory Multi-Tool ( Like Leatherman or Swiss Army but be specific)

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Great idea Mike.

So where do we place our vote?

Is the thread or link already in place?

This is the thread to nominate

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

In that case:

Folder: Spyderco Wegner Jr.

Reason: Great ergonomics, solid construction and materials (ATS-34, G-10) and pretty darned close to the perfect small folding utility knife.
Folder: Spyderco Starmate
Fixed : Chris Reeve Mountaineer
Multi tool: Leatherman Wave
Right now, knives I'm really enjoying, or wanting...

Fixed Blade - Cold Steel San Mai Trailmaster
Folder - Genesis EDI
MultiTool - Buck's multitool I can't think of the name for right now..
Folder: Spyderco G10 Police -- updated version of an old classic

Fixed : Spyderco Moran -- all the good things that have been said about it are true

Multi tool: Original Leatherman -- does everything that is asked of it in a slim, light weight, package



Folder: MAGNA (Zytel Handle, plain edge) by Outdoor Edge
Fixed Blade: Bush Ranger By Cold Steel
Multitool: Leatherman Supertool (in black)

ROMANS 10:13
FIXED BLADE: Fallkniven F1 (shiny blade)
(Looks to be very nice, though the fixed blades I really want are all custom.)

(My next folder will likely be this or a Microtech Kestrel)

MULTITOOL: Victorinox SwissTool
('cuz it's the bestest choice, though it'd be even better if they put scissors on it.)

Policy question for Mike/Spark: How will you handle repeats from month to month? For example, can the SwissTool win every month? Or must it "lie fallow" some some period of time after winning? Or, can it end up alternating every other month with the Wave? (Wondering at what point it ends up looking like a stock item in the BladeForums Store, plus just general curiousity).

-- Carl

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Fixed: Fallkniven F1

Looks like a classic replacement for my trusty Buck Vanguard. My next buy I think.

Folder: Old Timer 330 jackknife

Long live the old-fashioned pocket knife! The carbon steel clip point blade on this tarnished little knife is the sharpest thing on the planet. I think it could dissect a scalpel.

Multitool: Leatherman PST II

If you like trout fishing, this is your tool . . . Don't you love the grooved diamond file for sharpening a hook?

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folder: Kershaw Onion 'Mini Task' PLAIN edge

fixed blade: Marble's Bison w/ leather handle

multi-tool: Victorinox SwissTool

Ray 'md2020'
Folder - Benchmade 705
Fixed - Benchmade 140HS
Multi-Tool - Leatherman Wave
Neck Knife - Pat Crawford Kasper
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