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Anodizing aluminum? Byrd edition

May 21, 2006
I just got a Byrd Crossbill for a friend and am thinking I need one now. I was wondering if the process for anodizing aluminum was the same for Ti (benchmade balisongs), because with such low prices as these knives are going for, I may be getting several for a few projects I want to try. Anyone else tried ano on these yet, or any other customizations?

Thanks for the advice/help,
Aluminum is anodized through a purely chemical process, while titanium can be anodized through either heat or voltage. Benchmade anodizes their titanium through voltage (it's easy to get a uniform color if done properly). Although you can get a wide range of colors on aluminum, it's kind of pricey if you're only doing a couple of pieces at home.
Aluminum is anodized using an electro-chemical process.
It is not purely chemical.

You run current through the aluminum across an acid solution to build up an aluminum oxide layer on the aluminum.

Anodizing comes from the word ANODE meaning the point at which electrical current enters a circuit or battery.

It is a similar process to anodizing titanium, but not the same acid solution nor the same level of current.

The Titanium anodization process produces the various colors seen in the end product.

Aluminum anodizing does not produce the color, the color is via a dye process after the actual anodizing process is complete. The dye fills the pores of the freshly anodizing surface.
SkunkWerx has it down. In my experience, titanium is actually easier to anodize. I would like to get some aluminum so that I can compare the durability of hommade finishes, but that's getting a little OT.
Ah, ok. Thank you for the info, no worry though I have many other mods I wish to try :)