Another cellphone problem - ringtones

Jan 6, 2001
This is for our cellphone/gadet tech experts. (Even the hot-shots on the PDA forums I belong to can't figure this one out yet.)

Last year I switched to a Treo-650.

I have a 143kb Text-to-Voice .wav file that I would like to use as the ringtone for ALL my incoming calls. I emailed it to myself and downloaded it to my Treo "Sounds". It then shows up at the top of my list of installed ringtones as "???". I then change the name to, say, "AllRing". When I assign it to Known Caller or Unknown Caller, it plays fine on the Treo.

Then - when I receive a call, this .wav file does NOT play and the Treo just reverts to the 'Alarm' ring tone at the top of the ringtone list.

I have searched for hours trying to find out what causes this and how to solve it.

No problems at all in PLAYING the file on its own on the Treo (it sounds GREAT). And I "assign" it as a ringtone through PREFS. But then when I receive a call, the ring just reverts to "Alarm".

This gets even stranger! I just returned from covering the Detroit Auto Show - and EVERY call I received at COBO Hall on the Detroit side, local or long-distance, rang correctly with the NEW ringtone I installed. EVERY call I received on the Windsor side, local or long distance, ignored the new ringtone that I specified in PREFS and rang with the default 'Alarm' ring at the top of the list! (BTW, my service provider is Rogers, and I have no RT management software installed.) I did notice that when I install the ringtone, it shows up at the top of the list as '???'. However, if I leave it like that, it doesn't work and when I rename it, it doesn't work either. Would the file size (143kb) be a factor? It shouldn't, should it?

What is totally incomprehensible is that it doesn't work at all on the Canadian side, yet works perfectly on the U.S. side. I even tested it several times in Dearborn and several times in Windsor to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Does ANYONE have ANY idea what might be going on here? I'm not a big fan of cute and clever ringtones, but I'd really like to use this one (and I have only one Valium left in my PEZ dispenser).