Another challenge

May 18, 1999
As some of you might remember, I am having some health issues.
Osteoporosis, multiple compressed vertebrae and other degenerative pathologies of the spine, and with them chronic pain.

Mark I seem to recall that you and I spoke about our ailments for a time but with the months I haven't been around much my Somewhat questionable mind lost its, "Somewhat" somewhere along the line and became, "Undeniably Questionable Mind" I'm sorry to say. In other words my, "Somewhen CRS" became, "Fully Blown CRS" so now it's totally official. :eek:
But IIRC we did talk about, "chronic pain" and the necessity of having a really good, "Pain Management Physician" didn't we? If not we should have so if'en you wanna pursue it further when you get your Medicare, Parts A & B, drop me an email, best way to get a hold of me...

Yesterday, I went to a new specialist to be seen for a hand tremor I have had since I was a kid.
After having bad experiences with meds available in the 70's to treat it, I kind of gave up on fixing the tremor, and just marched on.
When I learned the VA had opened a motion disorder clinic at the Hosp I go to, I wrangled a consult, just to see what new treatments are available.
The tremor has gotten allot worse in recent months, after being somewhat benign for several years.

As usual, when it rains, it pours, and I'm not talking about salt here either... :( :grumpy:

So they ask me a ton of questions, do some tests, have me do some things like move my arms and feet.
The Doc then looks at me and says that I have an essential tremor, to which I respond " I know", and then tells me, you also have
Parkinson's Disease. I was floored, but also a bit relieved. The diagnosis explains allot of small issues that no one has put together in a pile until now.

"I was floored, but also a bit relieved. The diagnosis explains allot of small issues that no one has put together in a pile until now."

Mark IMHO you had what's a prime example of knowing what your problem has been for quite sometime but never really expected a diagnosis too confirm it... And yes it is relieving to finally have confirmed something you were pretty damned sure of for a long damned time!:thumbup:

At this point I am no longer working, and my Social Security Disability claim was denied the first try. I have retained a lawyer, and am going through the appeal process.

Dammit these denials really tick me off!!! :mad:
I was one of the more fortunate ones albeit I really had my duck's in a row but mostly because I was in the big middle of a Worker's Compensation Case at the same time and many of the things I had to have for it I was able to use in my SSDI claim as well...
When I hand carried my 3" to 4" stack of papers into the Social Security Office I had my doubt's as well considering the statistics!!! :(

Imagine my Surprise and Happiness when 3 days less than 3 weeks the S.S.O. called me and told me my SSDI case had been approved!!!:thumbup: :cool:

I haven't been on the forum much, because I just don't have funds for knives anymore, and just drooling over em is kinda a bad tease.
There are some awfully kind and caring folks on this forum, and your continued prayers to the Higher Power of your understanding would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to forge ahead , and live as productive and comfortable a life as I can, given what I have been dealt.


"I will continue to forge ahead , and live as productive and comfortable a life as I can, given what I have been dealt."

Mark you just can't go wrong with that kind of philosophy!!!:thumbup: Although it's damned tough at times to remember your own philosophy as well as your personal reasons for it!!! :(
The reasons I can say that is by recalling my own personal battles with my health over the years and now look at me!!!
And Mark I do, really do, recognize the differences in our diagnoses and at one time would've gladly jumped at trading diagnoses with you but now all I can do is ask all of our personal friends to send Smoke up for your healing in a "Good and Gentle Way."

There's also been times that I thought life couldn't teach me anymore. Man was I wrong!!! :eek:
I also should've known better!!! But then I have been so wrong about so many things you'd of thought that with my affliction of CRS I would be content to set in the corner with my damned mouth shut, But Oh No, Not Me!!! :rolleyes: :eek:

Again my friend if for any reason you'd like to talk please drop me an email!!!

And of course ~~Smoke~~ will be sent up for you in many ways and many venues by our personal friends as well as ourselves!!!
Jan 9, 2006
Thanks, Yvsa! I am happy to say that I was notified Friday that my SSDI Appeal has gone through and I will start receiving benefits Apr. 6.
While it isn't a huge monthly check, it certainly is a help. We have 2 teenaged boys that for some reason think they need to eat, often, and boy howdy do they! I wasn't sure I had Parkinson's, but I knew I had some goofy, disconnected things going on. Once I was diagnosed, and started reading, it started to all make sense. That in a way is a relief, you know.
As for the pain stuff, it continues. About 3 weeks ago, they did a steroid injection in my left S-I joint. It worked for a couple weeks, and now the "sciatica" type pain is returning. The RX plan for the lumbar pain is somewhat unclear, other than Tramadol as needed.
I have a 2nd sleep study coming up next week, which may result in some help with my crappy sleep patterns, which don't help with tolerating pain, or much of anything else. I am looking forward to the hearing the outcome, as REM sleep disorders can be a part of Parkinson's. I may well have sleep apnea as well. Getting all the sleep stuff worked out will be a big quality of life deal, especially for my lady, Lil Bit, whom puts up with me tossing and turning all night, most nights. She has been a wonderful help and support through all of this, and continues to be.
The prayers and smoke are much appreciated, my friend.