another dang "lock" thread...

Jun 18, 2000
Okay, alot has already been said about locking mechanisms, but what I am interested in hearing is how a lock has failed you.
What knife did you have?
What condition was the knife?
What were you doing (we promise not to judge your intelligence) when the knife-lock failed?
Lessons learned, comments, excuses, ect?

I ask this because I have been very lucky and have never had a knife-lock fail. But I'm not really that hard on my knives (I save that for my tools. I have broken screwdrivers, wrenches, hatchet, shovel, toilet plunger, the list goes on and on).
It's never happened to me either, but check out this current thread in the general forum:

Semper Fi


P.S. Please, we don't need any details on the circumstances leading to a catastrophic toilet plunger failure

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i had a buck 110 fail once, i was out hiking and only put a small amount of pressure on back on the spine (was checking the lockup and was weary of the play), and it gave way.