Another FREE CUDA, baby!

Jan 21, 1999
Heads up!

Aside from this month's shag-a-delic CUDA as raffle prize, Phil Gibbs of Camillus will give away a free CUDA for any forumite who posts the most convincing reason of owning a CUDA of his/her choice.

This is one of the CUDA variations available with black titanium nitrade coat:


So, click on the link below...


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I just bought a Cuda, great knife. I got tired of carrying bigger knives everywhere, so I decided to pick up a folder. Couldn't of been happier with what I got. I got the Tanto serrated one. Serration came real sharp, as the band aid on my still bleeding finger can attest to. plain part shave's my arm with ease as well. It's one of the most rugged feeling folders I've helf before, feels like it is strong enough to cut a small tree down with almost. I've been reccomending it to friends of mine, and one person is already gettign a plain clip point one. Great knife in my opinion. Better than the overhyped Gerber Covert I would have to say IMO.
I suppose that being a poor student who very much wants to own at least one "high-end" knife doesn't cut it very far in this competition? It's just that the junk I can afford gets really annoying, when I know there are a lot better knives out there... I do like the look and feel of a fine, well designed piece of machinery. Nothing better than to admire something that someone actually took the time to make the way it's supposed to be, instead of cutting corners.

Hmm... Perhaps I should try again, when I'm feeling more eloquent?