another knife link

Jan 9, 1999
Stuck at work due to a blizzard so I have been surfing the net and found this other knife site. This knifemaker does 18th and 19th century stuff. For instance a hand forged 15" knife made like they did in the late 1700's and early 1800's is 150 bucks. Try typing www.doubleedgeforge to get there or This guy has some great looking pieces and fine testimonials. Anyways fwiw. thanks
is that the blizard of 99 your talking about
nice snow fall isnt it??????
Rochester rules.............
Hey Murray, it is definetly the blizzard of 99. My wife just headed out the door to do some skiing at the Helmer Nature Center. I live in Irondequoit right near Durand. Matter of fact a finger of the park is right across the street. We have had 40+ inches of snow in 48 hrs. Anyways Rochester does indeed rule! Keep'em sharp.
World is to small a place my girlfriend lives on RockBeach by the park I live in the city
off Monroe Does Roch or Irond have plows
Stay warm till the roads open????
Are you a hunter if so where??How about the