Another Newbie ?

Is chiruwa the maker (kami?) If not, what does "chiruwa" mean? Also, do you know if all HI's are convex ground?


Chiruwa is simply a full tang khukri, as opposed to the regular hidden tang.

You can make the difference by the rivets you see.

I think all khuks have the convex edge.
Thanks Cybrok. That's good info. Is it the case that the full tang pieces have the rivets?
Compare the handles of the 2 in the middle.

Black one is regular, wooden one is chiruwa.
I'll jump onto the newbie question thread with one of my own!
How thick should the tang be in my 16 1/2" WWII?

I have several khukris, but this was my first from HI. I must say, bravo to HI for their quality! It's the only Kurk I own that I didn't need to, or want to, do anything to (finish-wise).
Your tang will tend to be the same thickness as the blade itself. HI does not thin the tangs out to speak of.
Just to help clarify, even the tang on a regular khuk typicaly goes all the way through the butcap and is peened there. (There are some exceptions). The Chirawa type of handle is basically like a more western style handle with handle slabs bonded and pined in place as on a CAK. Both styles are very strong. Some feel that the chirawa style transmits more shock to the hand and that the standard tang does not. I have not noticed it myself, but some do. As to the convex edge, some have it and some don't, most prefer convex though and more are coming that way these days. Have fun!:thumbup: