Another Newbie's 1st Kukri

Apr 1, 2009
Hello H.I. enthusiasts-

I just wanted to report that another NYC newbie's Khukri has sliced its way right into the heart of the Big Apple this morning! A Villager WWII.

Lucky for me I am hitting the Appalachian Trail for a hike this weekend so I will be able to check it out in the field. I'm fairly competent at chopping with big blades like Goloks, Bolos and Machetes, and I have read the safety materials posted here at the H.I. forums, so I think everything will go smoothly and safely.

I don't have my camera with me, but it is a nice looking blade and it is built like a tank. Here is the original dotd link if your interested.

I was wondering, what is the preferred carry method for a blade of this stature?


Its amazing how many useful things can go into a good day pack ;). I also like tying the frog and scabbard to outside of a pack, if practical. That's a big 'un. I would find it uncomfortable on my side or across my belly while hiking for any length of time. All just my opinion.
Welcome Beanbag (cool screen name btw):cool:
I don't miss NYC nor Chicago one bit, way too many people for my tastes... sorry.

Glad you have your new WWII and are happy Beanbag, I remember when you sharked it. :)

Bigger ones like yours I would tend to either putting in the pack in a way to allow easy access or tying it to the outside of the pack if possible.
I think I'll be packing it.

When the time comes for stropping/sharpening, I'm going to attach some leather to large diameter dowel and use compound, or sand paper when necessary.--I believe I saw reference to that somewhere.

One thing is for sure, this baby is hefty and I shall be using the utmost caution when the chopping begins.
Gotcha, I lived in both and hated every second of it.
Smog, noise, people everywhere, noise, trash, smog, did I mention how many people are all over the place? :)
Some folks like this and can't imagine living out in the middle of nowhere but I can't imagine living anywhere else.
Grats on the pickup Bean! And it's good to see another New Yorker getting a sweet khukuri. I love the finish on the villagers.

And Warty, This city is a dream for some and a nightmare for others. If you don't move slowly in the subways EVER, give people mean looks, and never get a gypsy cab, life is pretty good. I was born and raised in NYC so I'm pretty biased. That having been said, I'm always kind of envious of people who get to live out in the middle of nowhere! It's hard to go camping or fishing when you live in the urban jungle :grumpy:
I love working in New York. I like people watching (just don't stare), the food and all the great stuff to do.

But I also like leaving it behind every day and coming home to trees, trails and peace and quiet. When I'm done writing this, I'm going into my backyard ( the bush lab as I like to call it) and test out my new Khuk.

I've lived in the middle of nowhere and in some of the biggest cities. I like both.:thumbup:
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If folks didn't like it there, the cities would be so populous, there are some things I did like too...
Just not enough of them to draw me back to live in one ever again if I can help it. ;)

Anyway, hope things go well in the "Bush Lab" BeanBag, I am sure you'll be wanting another HI product soon so...
I don't have my camera with me, but it is a nice looking blade and it is built like a tank.

Here ya go:

Well, tonight I did get a very brief practice session in the lab before my daughter's softball game.

Lets just say I'm not yet ready for Carnegie Hall-- ie: I need some practice with this new bulbous babe.

Hasta Manana.:D