Another Option: Yojimbo

Aug 1, 2006
I've also been thinking about getting a blue Yojimbo. I was wondering if anybody that had one could foster an opinion, tell me the best things about it (maybe the worst?), and if it's worth the hundred bucks I found it for. Thanks for helping me out on this one. God Bless and have a happy new year.:D
The Yojimbo was designed for self defense/ martial bladecraft. It works as a utility knife, but the tip is a bit fragile for heavy use. Depending on what you want to use it for, it might be worth a C-note to you, but I think I would try to find it for a little less. Of course, I don't have one, because I keep trying to find one for less :rolleyes: . I am not into MBC, and I don't carry knives for self defense, so a hundred bucks for a utility knife with a blade I can't replace when I break the tip off is a tad steep for me. ;)
I have a yojimbo and a ronin. I carried them both daily for over a year and still carry the yojimbo daily. I have heard the tips can be fragile. I have not expierienced that and I do use them for light utility work. Camping they stay at home and on duty they are backed up by a manix and a 5 inch fixed blade
I should have clarified. I work building maintenence for a housing authority with about 135 apartments. There is a LOT of concrete, porcelin and ceramic tile in those apartments. Fine points have a short life expectancy around concrete. It doesn't help matters that the few sheetrock walls in the main building have steel studs :eek: :mad: .

I meant no slight to the Yojimbo. It simply wasn't designed with me in mind :D
The yojimbo is quickly growing on me. I like compression locks, and this one looks like a very sheeple friendly style, due to its resemblance to a box cutter. I'm still not sure why Janich chose a wharncliffe for SD purposes, but I hear only good things about him, so I'm sure he had a good reason. Good ergonomics, I like the compression lock and S30V. I don't imagine the tip would be tooooooo fragile, I think being full flat ground will help the thickness there.

I do wish it had a finger choil.
He chose the wharncliffe due to his testing. In his testing, he found that grind to be superior for cutting through rather than bouncing off hard targets. I'm probably not wording it well. For his self defense method, he found through testing it works best.

The "fragile" tip is myth that refuses to die on the forums. Many perpetuate it but no one steps forward with pictures showing it to be true. This isn't an attack on Mr. Yablanowitz, he did clarify his uses are not ordinary.

The Yojimbo's strengths: MBC rated lock, light yet strong construction of high grade materials, a large finger choil that aids in many ways including retention, a sloping handle that decreases in circumference near the butt end which aids in grip for the weaker and shorter pinky and ring finger, triangular blade which aids in strength of the triangle, Spyderco grade G-10 to aid in retention, a small butt tip that aids as a striking/pain compliance tool, the small butt also makes the knife look like a fat pen when in the pocket.

Downsides: large shiny clip acts like a fog light to draw attention to it in the pocket, the large pivot area can make it hard to retrieve other items when the knife is in the pocket...that is about it for me.

Cost closeout here for $87 closeout
I should also have mentioned that several years ago, I broke the tip on my Cold Steel Tanto at work, and not by prying with it. Fragile is a relative term :D
They are great. I broke the tip by slamming it into a metal button on an old pair of jeans stuffed and hung up for training. Spyderco fixed it for me-as good as or a little better than new. It sharpens up easily too. It is an excellent utility cutter-like a Stanley utility knife on steroids. According to testing on meat wrapped in denim it rocks on soft targets too. Lppk here:

The designer Mr Mike Janich also did some very impressive testing using clothing wrapped meat wrapped around wood dowels with no tip damage. I read that Mr. Mike Snody cut himself so severly on one of the prototypes that he started using the blade shape as a regular in his custom line up.
Hope this helps! Get one and sell or trade it if you don't like it. I bet it will sell fast on the forums if you go that route.
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