another question. I ahve a load of folders which to use and which to trade ?

Nov 17, 1999
Hello folks,

I have a lot of folders here :

A BM Pinnacle 750,
BM Osborne 940 plain edge nr 636
BM stryker 910S
Gerber SLG 3.25
CRKT Point guard large plain edge
Microtech LCC

All have their strong points and weak ponits, but which would be collectable, tradeable and only carryable?

If you had to choose two fro everyday carry, which would you choose?

My profile: student, so a lot of food preparing, and nearly constantly playing (when i am studying - makes me feel calm) with it. Love to resharpen knives as well.

Greetz, Bart.

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I'd keep the LCC and the 940. Both well made, very different knives, suited for different needs. The LCC is a great buy, hard to find a folder with CF scales and Ti bolsters for less, let alone of that quality. The 940 is a nice light slim folder with lots of blade, good for casual carry and can even pass as a gents knife.

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Just two?
I'd keep the 940 and the LCC, too. By far the nicest on the list, IMO.
I definately agree with keeping the 940, excellent knife overall, and it doesn't draw too many looks on campus. Plus, it is probably my favorite BM as far as looks go, never carried one, but own a couple.

I would disagree with the LCC though. I really don't like that knife. I had a pair of them and got rid of both. I carried one for a while, and it just never felt right to me. But I don't like MT in general for some reason.

I would probably keep the BM750 if it has decent lock-up and no blade play. If it did, a quick trip to BM should fix it for ya, and then you have an excellent working knife.

Of course, the Sifu is never a bad choice, and the D2 steel adds to it's appeal. I have been considering getting one of these myself. It might be a bit big to have on a campus though if it is one of your only 2 knives.
Keep the Gerber. It's not worth much and you can always use a beater. I say get rid of the ones that you like the least. As a person who has sold and traded alot of knives, I can attest that you never really know what will move and what you end up being stuck keeping.
Anthony's advise is probably the best. Nevertheless, I'll suggest a couple in line with your original question.

I suggest you keep the Pinnacle and the SIFU. The Pinnacle is from all I've heard a workhorse of a knife with the simplest, and a very strong lock. Seems to me less to go wrong than on the other folders. It can be a tactical knife, tho I understand it has utility abilities as well.

Keep the SIFU, if it is legal to carry where you live. First, given the length of the blade, it is easily the best to use for your considerable food preparation. It too has an extremely hard lock. It's length provides versatility none of the others can match, IMO. And, a lot of folks would say it has the best tactical characteristics of the lot. And, a remote possibility, displaying the size of the SIFU might prevent what would otherwise have been a combat situation.

And that, is that -- IMHO.

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I'll suggest an alternative:

All of those are good knives to keep, but you may want to divest some to raise money for student living expenses. As has been said, hold on to the Gerber as a beater.

My suggestion would be once you sell what you don't want, take some of that money and get some kitchen knives. Seriously. None of the folders you mentioned is really intended or excels at food prep. If you're in the woods, fine, use what you got. But I can see no good reason for using a folding pocket knife in regular kitchen duty, when affordable, purpose built tools are avaiable. I'm not saying go get a $300 Henkels block set, department store pieces would probably do you fine. A 8" chef's knife, a 6" boner (boning knife, that is), a paring knife, and a steak knife would do all you need it to do. If you enjoy sharpening, and you don't mind carbon steel discoloration, get some Old Hickory knives. They will last a lifetime.

I'm often amazed at the people here who will decry 'sheeple' using keys to open boxes (wrong tool for the job) and then use a AFCK to carve a turkey (ditto).

I would keep the 940 and LCC.


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