Another Randall "Save"!

Mar 14, 1999
I'm currently reading a book titled "Black Hawk Down" about the U.S. misadventures in Somalia earlier this decade. In it, there is a description of a Navy Seal, in a Humvee, taking a round in the right hip. After further investigation it was found that the round had impacted on his Randall Knife, shattering the blade, but deflecting the bullet. Who says a knife isn't a good choice for protection? Maybe Gary Randall needs to branch off into the body armor business!
Sounds like that guy was pretty lucky. I hope I never get to test a knife's bulletproof factor. Doesn't sound like fun.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
This book is non-fiction. The author is Mark Bowden. It is excellent, if not disturbing, reading. I recommend it.
The author's original serialized BlackHawk Down articles, which originally appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, may still be posted online with plenty of multi-media supplements and forum discussions. If the material is still online, enter "Blackhawk down" in quotes into a search engine. The online series was emotionally exhausting but a worthwhile read.

The book is supposed to have even MORE material and I look forward to reading it.
If your interested, the author also has a website dedicated to the battle @ It has excerpts, video, interviews etc... check it out.
Your quite right about the reading being emotionally exhausting. But I think it's a must read.
Did he mention which model of Randall knife he carried? Inquiring minds want to know!

Bruce Woodbury
It doesn't say Bruce,
It just say his "Randall Seal Knife". As far as I know Randall doesn't make a model called a "Seal", so I think they just meant the Seals were carrying it.
Has anyone pointed this incident out to Les Robertson? It would be interesting to hear his "take" on it.

Walk in the Light,
I'm sure Les would say, "See, I told you so, if it had been a custom Brend, the blade wouldn't have broken when the bullet hit it!"

I guess we are going to have to add "bullet impact" to all knife testing now.