Another sharpening question

Jun 14, 2001
Hi folks,

I tried Shmackey's tips on using low-grit SiC sandpaper on the Sharpmaker to sharpen my 440V Spyderco Native this weekend. I got it pretty sharp (can scrape-shave with it), but when I got to work this morning and looked at the edge with a microscope, I noticed something unusual.

Essentially, on one side of the blade, the edge was a straight 15 degrees. On the other side of the blade, the edge appeared to start out at 20 degrees, and then changed to 15 degrees at the edge (does that make sense?).

I'm assuming that what I want is 15 degrees all the way down. But I'm not sure. Maybe it is preferable to start at 20, and then head down to 15?

And whichever way is "right", how can I ensure that I am consistent next time?

Thanks for the help!

What youa re thinking abou tis double grinding. With double grinding, you sharpen the knife at a thin angle, and then step uf the angle to put a thicker micro edge on. THis allows you to have thin steel vehind the edge with a durable, but still sharp edge.

Try sharpening at 15 degrees fully, and then stepping up to 20 degrees just to set a micro-bevel.
Thanks Crayola. I guess then that one typically wants the edge bevel to be one angle, with the exception of putting a "micro-bevel" at the end.

So how does one check, short of a microscope like I did this morning, that both edges have only one bevel angle?

And gosh darnit, I still wish I could figure out how to detect the burr! I feel sometimes like I am snipe-hunting :rolleyes: