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Another source for Torx Drivers

Jan 13, 1999
If your local Sears store doesn't have the Torx sizes you need, try Westhoff at www.westhoffinc.com or 800-364-0280. They are primarily a machine tool and shop supplier and have a lot of neat stuff (most of which I have absolutely NO need for....)A complete set to cover my Benchmades (sizes 6-10) was around $20.

I found some Wihas in their website. Which Wiha torx tools are you referring to? AG Russell sells some neat torx driver sets called the MegaPro 15 in 1 for $22.95 a piece, that include the torx bits T-6 to T-25 and then some. That should cover almost everything except allen wrenches.

Here's a url: www.agrussell.com/gifts/mt-151.html

Take care,


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An excellent source for all the gofy fasteners found onvarious knives (TORX, Spline, etc) is www.jensentools.com

Got a set of T6-T10 at Home Depot. Went by Sears to try to find a T5 no luck anywhere.(Darn Socom clips)
Anyone have a source for T5?
Gus is your knife a full size or mini? Is it torx or spline?Well either way go to the links on the cover page and search McMaster-Carr they have both including the T-5.Just search for torx.Just to let you know you will need Adobe Acrobat to view the catalog but they have a link there for a quick download.I have bought spline and torx drivers from them.
Try Halpern Titanium they carry two different models T5,T6,T7,T8,T10,T15 both styles. www.halpertitanium.com
hope this helps
Thanks for the tip on the A.G. Russell tool-hadn’t been aware of it. The combo nature of it does have some attraction.

Westhoff’s 1999 “Reference Catalog” has several choices for Torx tools on page 201. I bought the following individual drivers:

Powerhandle Torx Order No. Price
T5 36205 $3.75
T6 36210 2.78
T7 36212 2.63
T8 36215 2.70
T9 36220 3.08
T10 36225 3.15

Shipping is free is you pre-pay your order
I have been dealing with McMaster-Carr for years now. They have just about anything imagineable when it comes to hardward, tools, etc., etc.

Torx, no problem. Screwdivers, sockets, L-wrenchs, so on and so on. Can buy per piece or as a set. The set I like has 14 pieces total and is only $27.00. Shipping is only actual shipping costs and is alway 1-2 days if item is in stock, which 99.99% of the time it is.

The set I have is: L-wrench which includes, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50, & T55. The T5 didn't come in this set, I bought it seperately through them. About 2 or 3 bucks I think I paid for that one. You can get just about any combination or sets or even styles. MANY to choose from. Call for a free catalog, it is a huge thick one!

Atlanta: 404-346-7000
Chicago: 630-833-0300 Main location
Cleveland: 330-995-5500 (my location)
Los Angeles: 562-692-5911
New York - Philadelphia: 908-329-3200

You can call any one, these are just their different locations, if one location is out of an item, it will be shipped from another location automatically anyways!

Their web site is: http://www.mcmaster-carr.com/

Hope this is of some more help


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Ah... ummm.... forgot about McMaster-Carr. Of course! Nick and Mark were right, they have almost any tools imaginable.

Check out McMaster-Carr's web site under their Forum. Placed a plug there for these forums here
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