another thread locking moderator?

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Feb 16, 2001
I have been lurking here awhile now but i must say this rediculous. I have seen many threads here lacking the required "knife content" that weren't locked. How does this work? Simply the whim of the moderators? Please explain this to me?
There's nothing to explain, you hit the nail on the head, it's the whim of the moderators.

BTW, welcome to the Forums and your first lock
Damn you Phil!!!

You took the words right outta' my mouth!!

--The Raptor--
Well,it is basically a judgement call,and everybody may not necessarily agree with the call.Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't,Moderators are human like evryone else and may not always make a good call.Also a thread may start out on topic and as it progresses it may go from some type of related knife content to a totally non-related topic,so it may change from a general forum thread to a community thread with a few posts.Moderating isn't an exact science and for the most part I feel they've done a fair job at moderating.Usually a locked thread just winds up being transferred to another more appropriate forum,so the discussion may continue.Welcome to the forums,you'll learn alot and have lots of fun if you stick around.Best Regards,Ralph
Sometimes borderline threads are allowed to stay in the hopes they will be of interest to most of us. Sometimes it just seems they would be better off somewhere else.

It looks like David decided the Posterity thread ought to be in the community forum. I have no disagreement with that.

It is not a big deal. Every decision a moderator makes is a judgement call. That means that not everyone will always agree with the decision.

We can all get in a huff everytime a moderator feels the right thing to do is move or lock a thread. Or we can follow the thread to its new forum and continue posting, or just try to understand why the moderator felt doing something was the right thing to do.

Moderators are people too...

Making your first post about forum policy decisions is not the wisest move either justknives...

Paracelsus, observing

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I have been thinking about this post & decided to come back to it for additional commenting.
Upon doing so, I see that others have posted & once again have "taken the words right outta' my mouth."
However, I do want to reiterate on what Paracelsus finished his post with. If you have truly been lurking here for awhile now you must have at least a small idea as to how things work here.
While many are extremely quick to jump to answer a question to which they can possibly help "a guy with only 1 post", they may also be equally quick to jump down the throat of "a guy with only 1 post".

Hopefully you will stick around here at BFC and contribute to future discussions, but right now you are looking more just like a "common troll" than a knifenut.

--The Raptor--

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Oh man, now I have to lock this most excellent thread. Not move. Just lock.

Justknives, if you are a legitimate knifeknut, welcome to the forums. If you are someone we already know, and just wanted to troll anonymously (no email in profile), goodbye.

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