Anso Personal Drop Point

Oct 10, 1998
First off a pic of the knife can be seen by going to the following

The knife feels very good in the hand. The fit of the scales to the tang are just as they should be. Which means you can not tell by feel where the scale stops and the tang starts when it is in the hand. The knife feels great in the hand and came with a wonderful leather sheath. The blade is stainless steel damascus which I chose because I have wanted a damascus bladed user that would not rust after only one day of use. The knife was fairly sharp but not as sharp as I have gotten accustomed to. A quick touch up on a stone improved that greatly. I did use the knife at work in pallet banding shrink wrap and cardboard. It was perfect for the thin plastic film. To cut this material cleanly one must have a very good edge. It did a fairly good job of cutting cardboard and required little effort on my part. When it came to pallet banding it cut it but with some effort on my part. We use a plastic banding for the most part and this is what I use my knives on. It held an edge as well as most of the other knives I have owned with ATS 34 blades so no surprise there. Corrosion of course was not as large of an issue as a typical damascus bladed knife would be. After a few days of use at work the knife was put away since I decided the knife was just to pretty to be used an abused in the role of a daily user and my co-workers got on my case about useing such a pretty knife for work. Jens was wonderful to work with and we corresponded several times while the knife was being made. Which I find to be very helpful and it also allows for an exchange of ideas which may result in a change. I highly reccomend buying a knife from Jens. His work is very good and his knives are very unique here in the states. In my view Jens is an up and comer in the world of knives.


Tom Carey