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Anso rock climbers rescue tool

May 27, 2000

Someone out there has to own this knife. what do you think of it? Is it worth $350? Is the top of the hook sharpened? Thanks
For a similar knife in many regards look at the Emerson/Perrin Griffe for $50.
My guess is, since it's a climber's rescue tool, it is designed to cut climbing rope in a very controlled fashion, so the inside is probably the only sharp part. If you are working around rope, I think the outward facing edge being sharp would be a hazard.

Columbia River also has a model very similiar, blunt or sharp tip, for under $50. (Bear claw, grizzly claw, something like that)
RH, I thought the same thing but if you look at the picture the top looks sharpened. If this knife was serrated, that would help, but the CRKT looks good too.
Meant to post in the reviews section, must have missed. Paracelsus, Spark, if you read this, could you move it? thanks.

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I saw this piece a year ago.....and i still think USD$350 is a lot to pay today.....
Sure scouter27, moving as requested to the Review forum.

But is it really $350 USD? I can see that it would take a lot of time and skill to grind all those curves, but that price seems a little steep. Maybe climbers go higher than the rest of us, especially if their life depends on something like that knife (how, exactly?). Anyway, off to the Review forum with this one...

(I think I'll leave it open here in general too, make sure to check both forums for updated posts)

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It looks as if, in a pinch, you could dig that tip into ice or even a rock crevice and use it as a "mini icepick climbing tool". It would be absolute hell on the edge unless he's using one DAMN good heat-treat and steel.

And that may explain the price, if it was designed to survive that sort of abuse long enough to get you out of a nasty situation.

Would I pay $350 for something that raised my odds of survival?

Hell yes. That *appears* to be what's going on here.

With that said....I wanted to buy it too(that was a year ago)but i just can't justify USD$350 for it...if only Anso would lower the price....
As a rockclimber, I can say that myself and those I climb with will stick to are Spydercos. If the designer expects to sale that knife for that price he better market it to another sport (we be poor climbers).

Pretty knife though.
I better put in my 2 cents worth on this since it is me who designed and made it.

There is only this one piece and it is in my drawer. I original planned on making it as a rescuetool but see it now more as a art design. I have moved a long way since 3 or so years ago when I designed and made it using only handfiles! The price indicates more that I am really not interrested in doing more of this particually design. However I did get a request for one resently. I agreed upon the order only because I wanted to change the design to be able to make it with the tools I use today (beltgrinder) The result of my designwork ended up somewhat far from the original and purely as a decorative piece of cutlery. Higly usable but not recommended for a rescuetool.

I am still making this only if its possible and because its fun to do something unusually.

Well judge for yourself. The customer got so excited on the design that he plans on having it done in damascus also.

Price has been regulated abit but more or less the same.


Jens Anso, jens@ansoknives.com
(check out my homepage)
Well...... is it double-edged or not ?

Either way, one comment I have to make is that the software you use for your designs is dynamite ! Your design looks like a photograph of the real object !
Very nice Jens! I withdraw my surprise at the price of the one-of-a-kind hand filed piece. It makes more sense now, knowing how it was made. Both of these 'knives' are very interesting creations! Keep up the great work

I thought it was a photo until I read RH's reply, and looked closer. Jens, i would also like to appologise for questioning the price. I didn't know it was hand filed. That must have taken a lot of time.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust
no need to be sorry! Its quit allright to question prices on anything.

In this particually situation it was priced so I would avoid getting loads of orders for it....and it worked

It was a pain to make but it was worth it! The hole is 27 mm in diameter ...thats a bit more than an inch. But the biggest drill I cut get was 1/8" smaller than that so I handfilled it bigger...never gonna do that again! Not round anyway. On the new design I made it anothe shape. Both to accept the finger better but also to be easyer to file.

And yes its double edge. I was thinking that you could end up in a situation were it was need to cut into the rope in tight spaces were there is no room to use the inside edge. I did not contact any climbers in the design fase ( which wouold be unthinkable if I was to design it now. I am a student of industrial design and have learned to research alot!)I used my own (very litle) experience from rapelling to design it.

Jens Anso, jens@ansoknives.com
(check out my homepage)
I've been rockclimbing for almost 13 years now, and I find your design to be very usable and I could see how it would appeal to climbers and rescue workers. There have actually been cases where people have gone to cut there hair while it was caught in the figure eight ( rappeling devise ) and ended up cutting the rope as well. Usually subjecting them to death. I can see how the design would minimize the chance of cutting what you don't want cut.
As I have an interest in collecting knives though, I would never want to subject a work of art like yours to the rigors of rockclimbing.
I think my priorities are messed up though.
Money for safer usable knife, or less money and chance of falling down. HMM, I guess I'd rather have it left in my will. Or better yet buried with me.
Hair in the figure eight
! Luckily My hair is very short. We were taught to tuck shirts into our pants, or harness to prevent a similar, but less painful, problem, also to keep our hands under our butts, which believe it or not, is harder to teach, to some than knots.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust

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