Antique Bronze Cannon link

Mar 26, 2002
I am waiting for some sunny weather to take some cannon pix, but in the meantime I thought that Ya'll Forumites might like to see the website of a dealer I really like. Good prices and responsive emails from Chuck.
After reviewing the materials I've come to the conclusion that unless I get rich and can practise with either a 50 Browning Barret or one of these Black powder cannons, at 1000 yards, provide your own used washing machines or cars, I WILL NOT HAVE LIVED.


I'd like a twelve pounder for the back of a pickup. It'll stop those pesky tailgaiters.

Probably have to press gang a few guys from the local tavern for the crew though. :)
Thanks for the link Bill! I spent a bit of time browseing around in there and bookmarked it for later perusal, very enjoyable and enlightening.:D
I swear I will have a cannon before I am done. And a .50 cal bolt-action for the boat. But then again, we have a history of being plagued by pirates here along the coast... Khukuris for the boarding party!

Wow! Never thought I'd see Bruise jealous of a one-liner. Good job, Bill.

Wish I'd thought of it myself.