antler staining

Dec 23, 2000
I have a large whitetail antler about 1 1/4 in diameter that I am going to make into a knife handle. I will need to remove the brow tine. What is the best way/stain/dye to match up the antler color where the brow tine is removed? The antler has a nice tan/olive/taupe color now. Any cautions regarding which stain to use if I send it off to be stabilized? Many thanks, Al.

It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.
And if you use a strong mixture of instant tea with the lemon added it is even more effective.
The citric acid helps the tea to penetrate better.
And to make it very old looking use some fat, preferably an animal fat, and rub it in and heat it with your wife's hair dryer.
I do my bone hair pipe beads this way, only I use an old pan donated for just this purpose and do it on the stove. Let the fat and antler or bone get hot, but not smokng so as it will stink to high heaven.

After you have used the heat and fat trick let them cool and then buff with a soft clot like an old t-shirt.
The bone hair pipe beads sometimes get almost translucent. Beautiful and appear very, very old.

And after the treatment there is little or no odor.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Just my opinion, but I think the best part about using antler is the contrast. I do everything I can to heighten this effect, not hide it.

Antler should LOOK like antler

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