Anvil ID help please!

Nov 29, 2000
A friend of mine has found what must be at least a 250 to 300 pound anvil in a field. He hit it with his gardening "sod buster" pulled behind his small tractor. It stoped the tractor. On the side of this anvil is an eagle with wings outspread , under the heal in the curve flat headed for the base is the date or number "1943" on the heal end of the base flat is a number "3". All of the above is cast "raised" from the basic surface of the anvil not stamped or cast down in it. It's got a fairly short horn, cutting plate, hardie hole, pritchart (sp?) hole and is at least 6 inches across the flats. You can see that this anvil's faceplate is heat welded on to the base. There's two cast holes in the edges of the base fore and aft, for attaching it to a stump or work area. Of these two holes; one is centered in the foot and the other is "off center" (for stability?? tipping over??). Any clues???

regards, mitch