Jun 5, 2008
Where can one purchase a decent anvil 100-120 lbs for bladesmithing on the east coast with out spending a fortune,and the closer to va the better.


Böse Messer
Dec 8, 2006
Sometimes they show up on Craig's List. Just keep an eye out.


Blade Heat Treating
Jun 11, 2006
good luck. expect to pay 3-5 bucks a pound
Jun 21, 1999
Welcome to the forums. This may sound confusing, but both the preceding guys are right, just from different angles. If you are looking for a new anvil, yeah they are pricey, and two to three dollars a pound is pretty common even for used anvils. However, deals are still out there to be had. The keys are patience, and ummm.... well...obsession.:D
Look anywhere anvils might be lurking: antique shops, flea markets, junk shops, junk yards (especially with scrap metal being so valuable these days...), yard sales, news paper classifieds, local classified publications (up here we have the Paper shop, and Want Ad Digest.. you get the idea), auctions, Ebay. Ebay is a good place to look at a lot of anvils and get a feel for what you want, and what things are worth (though they fetch top dollar on Ebay).

Put the word out to friends, family, co-workers. Tell everybody you know. You never know whose grandfather or dad has an old anvil out in the barn or basement that is just "in the way".... Check out for local blacksmith events, they always have a swap meet going in the parking lot.
If you really want to get forging, don't hold back waiting for the perfect anvil. Find a flat peice of steel and have at it. Lots of us started out on a piece of railroad track or a cheap chinese "anvil shaped object". Lots of us have made our own out of a big chunk of steel in a bucket of cement or whatever.
Just keep your eyes and ears open. Maybe post a wanted ad in the paper or on craigs list. I guess I just didn't want you to get demoralized by the two to three dollars a pound thing. You can defienately pay that, however I have five now and I haven't paid a dollar a pound yet. But then I love "the hunt". Thats part of the fun for me, finding and getting " a deal".
Whatever you do,
good luck and most importantly
Oct 30, 2002
Not on the east coast, but Emerson makes anvils in Louisiana. Mixed reviews as always, but overall a positive response. Good for lighter duty or part time bladesmithing. A new anvil at around $6 a pound. Was closer to $4.50 a pound, but as with everything else, I guess prices are going up.

On the east coast, you should be able to find a nice used anvil for $2-4 a pound. Keep an eye out in the classifieds, check Craig's list, call any smith shops, metal shops, or farriers near you and see if they've got a an old anvil they'd be willing to part with for compensation


Russ Andrews

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 27, 2002
Yard/garage sales.
Antique shops.
Flea markets.
Swap meets.
And by all auctions.