Any chance of somebody bringing a Livesay Zipper to the NYC Knife show??

Aug 8, 1999
since the man himself won't be there...and i really, really wanted one of his little "Zipper" knives....any of the forumites have one they want to sell/trade?...sorry if this doesn't belong here; but it seems most of the NYC show 'traffic' is flowing through this part of the forums! and i know some 'trading' goes on at the show....
i'll be there on Friday early afternoon- around 2...
I'll bring mine for "show & tell" but I don't know if I'm too keen on selling it right now...

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i'll be there Friday the "who's going to NYC" post i mentioned that i'll be bringing my Kershaw Random Task and a CS Culloden neck knife- both look dang good and no scratches on them. i was thinking about bringing a CS heavy kukri but it may not fit in my backpack!! i'd like to sell it and get one of Newt's Wasps....much cooler.
damn, too bad Newt isn't gonna be there, i got the Livesay Flu!
Newt attended the last ECCK Show also in NY. He was attended with a fella (watch it! He likes to do quick draws and drop his knives on the floor! Just ask Les DeAsis of Bench made when he was at the nearing table)from R. David Knife Co. He is a distributor of Newts knives and had a complete line at the last ECCK. He is not listed as an attendee but may very well be there. Look for his table and watch your feet!