Any comments on the CS Bushman?

Nov 28, 1999
I was wondering if anyone has used or tested the CS Bushman? They claim that it is the best survival knife you can buy for under 20$. I think they have upgraded to steel to CV from the plain high carbon steel. Is it close to being true or is it all hype?

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I gave one to a woman I know who used it first thing to clean and butcher a freshly killed rooster, for dinner. It worked great for her.

They are usually shaving sharp out of the box. I have tested mine on the end of short and long sticks as a spear, and it is safe, in my opinion for thrusts to soft tissue areas or for very clean long-range slicing or even chopping at smaller branches.
I didn't feel confident thrusting into hard targets with it on the poles due to the thinness of the blade -- and especially not when it in the hand as is: no guard! In the past, they've had weaknesses at the joint of the blade and handle, but Lynn Thompson was contacted by some experts who had the problem, and the problem was, I believe, corrected.

It makes me nervous as a thrower when used as a spear, and I do think that if it stuck into bone and was twisted sideways, it might snap at the blade juncture when attached to a pole.

That said, it is a GREAT and useful knife at $20 -- you can literally sharpen it on a rock if you don't have a sharpener.

Hope this helped...

Not the best knife in the world, but the best knife in the world dollar for dollar. I bought 5@10 bucks each, and have them scattered about where I usually am. They are great utility knives and if anything happens to them, well, your out 10 bucks.
I have a CS Bushman, and it's a pretty neat knife for the money. Yeah, there is handguard, so stabbing would be risky, but I only chop and slice anyway. The knife is well balanced, and the steel handle is actually pretty comfortable for me.

For those concerned about a slippery bare handle, you might be able to put a rubber or neoprene cover of some sort over it, like those used on polymer pistol grips.

I view it as a great "learning" tool. If you lose or it damage it, you aren't going to feel as bad as if you just busted a Randall No. 1. Lately, I've used mine to practice flint and steel fire-making with one of those flint/magnesium bars.
This is my first post, so bear with me. I've honestly tried to destroy this knife. In the begining I just wanted to determine about how much abuse it could withstand (within reason, of course). But, after failing to damage it in any way i preformed tests that I thought it would fail. I then stabbed it into metal thicker than it could puncture; yet there was only slight damage to the tip. I was impressed, so next i proceeded to stab it into trees, hack at limbs, and just generally attack the underbrush of the woods behind my house. Oh I also used it as a throwing knife (to the best of my abbility).

After all that i was exhausted (not in the best of shape), I started my way back to the house, and while examining the blade I found that I had only managed to slightly curl the edge, as well as the tip damage I mentioned earlyer. I was impressed, I hardly expected it to preform half as well as it did.

conclusion: for 20 bucks, your not loosing anything in my book.
I had one for a while and I thought it was an awesome knife for the price I paid.
Sharp, strong and reliable; what other $15-20 knife can you say that about?

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My father had two things on the back window of his truck when out and about; his Ruger Mini-14 (combo-locked), and get this, a Bushman with a handle from a paint roller shoved in the end! He also took rubber radiator hose from an hold big block, cut it to length, and slipped it over the handle. I don't know what adhesive he used, but it held for two years with little or no play. To increase grip, he cross sliced the rubber, then melted it down a little in some places.

Tough knife, many applications, tough company...

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