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Any comments/review of BM 720?

Jul 15, 2000
I'd like some comments or a review of the Benchmade 720. I just ordered one based on it's similarity to BM's AFO auto, which has been a great knife.
Thanks, everyone, for the upcoming comments.

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Thanks alot, forumites, for the most informative review I have ever seen!! for some reason, my mind has blanked it all out!!!
Code3, you should check the archives. There was a lot on the BM 720 last year when it was a new model.
Patience Code3, a busy life keeps me from checking the threads regularly. My wife gave me a BM 720 plain edge for Christmas. Great work knife. Fits my hand well and keeps an edge. You'll like it. Next time I run across someone selling a user 720 for a good price, I plan to buy it. Do check the reviews in the archives.


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Thanks, Brad.
I recieved the 720 on Thursday, and I nust say I am impressed. This is my 4Th BM, and first one with the Axis lock. This thing is a sweetie. I didn't get to handle one before I bought it, and the local dealer didn't have any for me to see, so I took a chance.Very nice knife. I think I made a great call on this one.

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I lost interest in Benchmade's a couple of years ago, but the axis lock brought me back. I think your 720 will grow on you. Mine has. Seems like the only folder I carry anymore. Good luck with it.