Any Dalton Fans??

I like Dalton's knives i think you get a lot for your money

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I've got a mini-cupid on the way! I can hardly wait. I've handled an m6 and wish I had the money to buy one! (Probably should've waited a little longer before getting the mini cupid first!) I'll be happy to post my impressions of it when I receive it!

Dalton makes nice stuff.I own almost every one he has produced.My fav is a Millenium OTF
My least fav is the not comprehend that one.
you get a lot of bang for your buck w/Dalton
I love Dalton knives as well. I particularly like the new M-6. I have a Ranger and tho I like the HALO, Ilove the fact that you can open and close the M-6 with just one hand. A huge plus when it comes to autos IMHO. I mean really, whats the point in having an auto if you have to let go of what your working with to close the knife.

I'm glad you guys all like the M-6 'cause I just ordered one yesterday.
Is the spring really that much stronger then a HALO 2?

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I've heard bad things about this company, such as lack of support after a sale if there's a problem. Some of this I heard on BladeForums. This kept me from buying a Dalton knife.

Has anyone had any problems or experiences (good or bad) with the company after a sale?

The only problem I or any one I personally know,has had with any Dalton knife was a spring breaking, and even then it was after 2 yrs of daily use.
And I was able to replace the spring for him myself.
I like the KISS engineering of the M6. One blade, one spring, two handle pieces. THAT's IT! No complex mechanisms that jam under pocket lint here. I havw disassembled it and reassembled it myself. It could be a little more polished and a little tighter, but it's my favorite OTF. Period.
Got my M6 last night, you guys are right, this knife is great!

"Every Dog Has His Day"