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Any Experience with A.G. Russell’s “Handmade” Line?

Mar 15, 1999
I was just curious as to whether anyone had any experiences with the line of handmade-in-Japan fixed blade knives offered by A.G. Russell. I’ve always been impressed with A.G. Russell’s service and selection (if not their prices), and it seems that these knives may represent a pretty good value if the fit and finish are up to the standards that one normally expects in handmade knife. I’m particularly interested in the Loveless-style drop point hunter…it looks like an affordable high-quality knife that I could use without fear of damage (okay, I’ll admit it…I’m often hesitant to use my high-priced customs for fear of “dings”). Has anyone had a chance to learn if these knives are as nice as they appear to be?

I’m also curious about the production drop point hunter that they offer with quince burl and ATS-34. Does anyone know how the quality of this piece compares to the handmade line? This knife and the cocobolo-handled handmade are similarly sized and comparably priced…I wonder if the workmanship is significantly better on the handmade product.

Any input will be appreciated…

I just recently (last week) got to handle the production drop point with quince burl handles. A guy in the office next to mine ordered one and brought it over to me to show it off. He and I and another guy are the well known knife nuts in our office. It looked beautiful, and I couldn't believe that it wasn't all handmade. The tapered tang and liners between the tang and handle slabs, the finish on the wood, the whole thing was flawless. Whoever does the grind on the blades does an excellent job. I own one of the walker-lock folders with the same handle material and ATS-34 blade http://www.agrussell.com/agrussell/ag-cj1.html

It is just as good as handmade too. My favorite folder, actually. They do have a money-back guarantee, too, if you're not happy when it arrives.

Daniel D.

P.S. I still have the BM 3000 I got from you a while back. It is still going strong!

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The Japan-made drop point loveless style hunter with stag, micarta, or cocobolo handles is one of the knives on my wish list. The fit and finish is as good as handmades from any country and AG's quality control is pretty thorough. The heat treatment and lovely hollow grind means these knives slice beautifully. The price of course makes it doubly attractive.

I don't think you can go wrong but if you don't like it after getting one, AG Russel's return policy is one of the best in the industry.


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At least some of the stuff that AG offers is made by Koji Hara who is about as good as they get IMO. AG Russell is also really well known for a good return policy, if you are not satisfied.
Thanks for the feedback, guys. Your positive comments were just the impetus that I needed to make my decision
...I just ordered one of the handmade-in-Japan Loveless style drop point hunters in stag. As has been pointed out many times, you can't hardly go wrong with A.G. Russell's service and return policy, so I feel pretty confident that I'll be pleased with my latest acquisition. I just hope it's in stock!

i second everything that has been said here.i live pretty close to ag russell, and thats the only place i buy knives(i buy em used,cheaper,and they're still covered by the money back guarantee) great customer service,no pos knives,and occaisionally you'll find a bargain (like a mirage for 20 bucks.)going to go pick up another knife this week,if the snow ever stops.