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Any experience with Kabars?

Jan 1, 1999
Greetings all. Kabar hunters are now available. They are small fixed blades of various shapes, including upswept, guthook, drop point, etc., all with rubber handles with a leather sheath included. Does anyone have any experience with them at all? Where are they manufactured, type of steel, full tang, etc.? Thanks.


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Had a KaBar skinner for a long time, so sharp the upswept point pierced the sheath. Carried it everywhere in my backpack or duffle bag, back in the days where carrying was okay.

I believe it was 1095 steel with leather stack handle, very nice. Always held great edge. Price, my baby brother bought it for me as a peace offering when he and I were fighting at the tender ages of 12 (me) and 9 (him). For the price he bought it ($18) it was an excellent bargain. A great kinife at whatever price, but proof that a simple design well executed need not cost an arm and other appendage of choice
Thanks Parker but the Kabar models in question are fairly new (about 2 months)to the market. They sport a RUBBER handle with thong hole and are 6- 7" approximate OAL. One of them is remarkably similar to the Schrade 150 skinner. The suggested retail is about $40 ea. Anyone else?