Any experience with Steel City or JDS Air Filtration Systems?

K. Wilson

Gold Member
Oct 18, 2012
Working with steel dust, g10 dust, wood, etc. in my shop I need something to make the air safe on my lungs. I currently don't have anything but a respirator, which does no good for the actual rooms sake. I've done a little research and from some threads on here it seems an air filtration unit would be a good option rather than having separate ducts, vents and lines that lead outside.

I am looking at both the Steel City 65120 and JDS Air-Tech HP air filtration systems. Does anyone here have any experience with any of these or at least with the same type of system? Is it adequate for keeping the air safe in the room or is something more needed? Emphysema and lung cancer is no joke, I want to get a solid setup before doing too much grinding...

Here are the two I'm looking at,