any fantastic Japanese folders?

Oct 24, 2004
I love my Global chef knives. The Japanese Global company makes a fabulous knife in every way.

My question is this: are there any terrific Japanese folders for around $100 or so? After all, they have been making great blades for hundreds of years...

Alot of Spyderco's knives are bade in in Seki City, Japan. You might want to start there. Lots of folding knife makers in Seki City.
Moki, at least some of the Al Mar, a number of the Spyderco models, G. Sakai, the list goes on.
I'd also recommend looking at Spyderco's Seki City folders. From the Ladybug to the Police, you get very good quality for a reasonable price.
The Fallkniven that is a copy of the William Henry in VG10 is pretty nice and won't scare the office sheep.
Hi Guy's,

What about the pretty ones from Hattori Knives Seki City.
take a look at the Folding hound II.
Someday i think it will be mine..... :)


There is a company called Seki Cut that makes a couple of really nice folders.
One is a Bob Lum-type knife w/D2 blade, comes in 2 sizes. AG Russell had themn in all black, and you can find them at a couple of the internet knife places as well. The other is called the "little blue folder" with laminated VG-10. You can get them with a numbeer of different scale materials..
seki-cut folders look pretty good. D2 and aluminium handles for under $80.
I've always liked Al Mar's more elegant folders. As well as the Moki line that Spyderco used to carry.
I picked up a Seki-cut "Little Blue Hiro" off Ebay about a year ago. It's been my around town knife since then and I love it. It was about $70 brand new, I've seen them cheaper on both Ebay and here, but I'm not very patient. The workmanship on mine is top-notch. It's purdy, too, which is nice if you don't really want a tactical look. Laminated VG-10 mirror polished blade, easy to get screaming sharp, scales are quincewood on blue anodized titanium with a stainless liner lock. Action is smooth as silk with perfect lockup.

I found no downsides, but you should consider: It's right hand only. I've opened it left-handed, but as there's only a thumb stud on one side, it's awkward. There is no pocket clip. I find this to be a plus, but I'm probably in the minority. The drop point blade comes to a needle point. It's wonderful for splinters, but don't plan on opening paint cans with it.

A.G. Russell has several knives made in Japan, all excellent quality. I also like my Soque River lockback from Japan. I have a couple Gerber Silver Knights made in Japan, nice. And of course my Spyderco Endura. Some of the CRTK knives are available in a higher-grade Japanese version.

Plenty of choices!
Walking man.....well.....I laughed my butt off.

But it looks like "origami" folded.

What about the KaBAR production Dozier folders, the Thorn and the hunter in particular. Nice and thin, aluminum scales, D2 japanese steel. Very smooth.