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Any good 2.5" Fixed blades out there

Oct 24, 2000
well, given that i am less inclined to go to jail than i my youth, i am looking for a fixed blade knife for concealed daily carry with a 2.5" (local legal limit) blade. i really liked the design of the Boker Bud Nealy, but the blade is 3.5" long. i am looking for something slim, that can be worn comfy like under a suit or less, that will serve a nice defense purpose without being too expensive... seems in my quest that no one makes one of these

stupid law makers.

thanks much.
Hey Vactor,

Don't give up so easily! Check out Running Dog Knives at:


They specialize in small fixed blades in many different styles, handles, steels and stock thicknesses. You can have one of their designs customized, too. For neck or belt carry, they make possibly the lightest, lowest profile fixeds around. All for very reasonable prices. Check 'em out.

I recommend you take a look at RAKER Knives by Ray Kirk. Ray makes some great simple blades in the size you're looking for at very reasonable prices. He offers a variety of configurations and steel options...many of the small knives are set up for neck carry but they work just as well for pocket carry. I've got a "Li'l Blue II" in 52100 steel that has a 2.5" blade...it is without question the sharpest blade I own, and the edge retention is great. Besides, Ray is a helluva nice guy to deal with.

I'd recommend the Fallkniven WM-1 ! Premium VG-10 steel, good thermorun handle, good kydex neck sheath, and the ability to get one of Normark's awesome custom multi-carry sheaths ... ALL for less than $100 output.
Check out Dozier Knives, I believe they are at www.dozierknives.com. He has some really nice work knives that fit your bill. They don't feel small in the hand. I have a personal utility model. Also check out Lynn Griffith knives, wwwgriffithknives.com.
I'd look at Sean Perkins knives www.seanperkins.com
I just got a Gryfen (sp?) and I'm very happy with it, though it is quite small.
I'd also look at an Emerson/Perrin Griffe. These is a great defensive blade, with a less traditional design than many, however I feel it is very effective. Is there a reason why you don't want a folder? With the new locking mechanisms from Spyderco et al., I think the strength concern that used to be an issue with liner locks and the like have been pretty much obviated.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by sgtmike88:
I'd recommend the Fallkniven WM-1 ! Premium VG-10 steel, good thermorun handle, good kydex neck sheath, and the ability to get one of Normark's awesome custom multi-carry sheaths ... ALL for less than $100 output.</font>

looks great, but the 2.79" blade gives me a felony.
2.79 inches is a felony!?...where the hell do you live?.......the most restricted municipality in tennessee even goes for 3 inches....state law here goes for 4 inches....and i thought we had it rough!....feverdoc
The best small fixed blade knives that I have ever seen are by Bob Dozier.
I agree with chairman moe and Clayton Hufford that Bob Dozier makes one of the best fixed knives. Check out for example the whittler, the small outdoorsman, the straight personal and especially the canoe knives at http://www.agrussell.com , at the handmade knives.
But sorryly they are all 3" or just slightly below, so you may consider them as outdoor knives. There is always an excuse to buy a new beauty
. Otherways they are ideal for everyday carry too, the kidex sheat you get with them you can order in different carry styles.
There are many so called treet scalpels that can completely suit your needs. Some of them you can get for less than $50 and still with decent steel, workmanship and sheat. Just make a search on this forum, you will find tons of different knives. Sorry for not being more helpful.
Good luck and wish you never need to use those knives to defend yourself.
i just want to thank everyone that posted a response to my query. i am glad i did as i got to look at a number of wonderful knives. i was serious on the blade issue though, alas i was wrong on the law. ANY knife carried with the intent of being used against someone is a felony. but Chicago says any knife longer than 2.5" is a crime punishable by a $200 fine and up to 6 months in jail. so i did need to keep the blade length limit.

after some emails with some REALLY nice guys at running dog a karver, i decided to get a slightly custom version of the running dog Little Pup, (custom in that the blade length will be increased from 2 to 2.5"). so i think i found a great knife for daily carry that will not get me into trouble on the spot. thanks again.

Hey Vactor,

Glad you found something you like -- Running Dog is a great outfit. Outstanding folks who make outstanding knives -- you won't regret it!

Best wishes for the holidays,

Michael (at Running Dog) is very nice, he responds quickly and answers questions well. I also am waiting for one of their knives. If their work is half as good as their customer sevice...I will be pleased. I think you will be happy with your descision.

As long as I am waiting...I decided to examine other makers for a comparable knife, and decided upon a Livesay (Not a custom knife, I only compared blade shape...not steel). I ordered the knife and received it...and was reminded that you get what you pay for. For $25.00 bucks you get a good piece of steel and a nice sheath, I do not expect more. Besides, a few hours of work on an edge brings me closer to the knife, a thing I do not mind.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thanks Doda,

Here's a very nice fixed blade I got from Ed Caffrey. It's 2 5/8" to the plunge.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.

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Try a Dozier K9 Personal Utility ($135 at blade art)

Handle is big enough to keep a handle on. BTW, do you intend to use it as a weapon or what? You said intention is the law (it is, according to a friend who used to be Prosecutor for ATTY gen until he became head prosecutor for Saipan, lucky bastard!!) The dozier, particualry if beat up a bit, will look like a worker, not a fighter, and also meets the length requirement.
the problem is really the length of the blade. at over 2.5" i am at the mercy of any LEO that sees it. in other words, a chance i do not want to take. the 'looks' matter not at all, as the intent must be rather specific, i.e. "you intended to use t against paerson X, which we conclude from your brandishing it and advancing menacingly in his direction". that is the state law, but the legth issue is a city ordinance. either way, the less i am in violation per se the better.

from my discussions with michael, i think i will be very happy.