Any good knife shops in Oklahoma city?

May 29, 2000
Hey, guys. I am going to be in OKC on Wednesday and Thursday for a business meeting. However, the meeting doesn't start until Thursday morning, so I have all afternoon Wed. to check out the town. Are there any good knife shops around? The wife is coming with me, so we are going to be hitting the malls as well. :rolleyes: We are staying at the Clarion on Meridian. Right off of I-40. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! (as well as the fact that a new knife to play with will make the boring meeting go by faster as well!!!)

Oh man is your timing good. I was in OkC last week. On my way down to the Outdoor America Store to pick up some Glock 17 hi caps (18 bucks apiece, so long AWB :D ) I pass by Knives & More. Instant u turn. This is a very nicely stocked store, with better than mall prices and a good guy knife-nut owner. Tons of benchmades, great selection of William Henry's, several Sebenzas, MOD, Kershaw, some Spyderco, a few customs and he does layaway. :eek:

The address is 3312A N. MacArthur (405-949-5400). If you keep going south on MacArthur you'll hit OAS. They have a decent knife selection as well, and guns galore. Have fun.

Another thumbs up for Knives and More. The owner is Ken Andrews. He's a nice guy, has a real good stock with lots of rare Benchmades and CRK's :D
Sorry for the slight thread hijack Flinx. Fudo, I lived in Norman from 1975-1985. Used to love to get a guacamole chalupa and a Moosehead at the Border Crossing. Went back about 3 years ago when visiting a friend, still great. Last week-terrible. Waitress said that they have had a change of management. I was really disappointed. Different salsa, stale rice, pintos instead of refried. NO MOOSEHEAD! This was the psychological end of an era for me. Oh well, just had to tell somebody. :D Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion.

Thanks for the quick replies guys! I just mapquested the address and its right around the corner from where we are staying!! I will definetly check it out! I'll let you know if I pick up a new toy when I get back.

Donovan- Nowadays, The Mexican restaurants fit to eat in around here now, are Don Pablo's, Cocina de Mina, and Chelino's. Moosehead is my favorite beer also, but I have to drink that at my house. :D
You'll love Knives and More, good folks to deal with. Outdoor America is a good place too, but nowhere near the amount of knives as at Knives and More.

They can't beat online shopping, pricewise, but sure is nice to hold it in your hand beforehand and see if ya like a blade, plus as I said, great guys to deal with, and like to support local places if I can. Let us know what you think.
Hey, guys. Just got back from OKC. Wow, what a great shop! The owner wasn't there the day my wife and I stopped by, but the gentleman who runs the shop for the owner was. I didn't get his name, but he was very nice, polite, and he knew pretty much everything about all the knives they had for sale!

Their prices are a little higher than online as you say etp777, but they were having a sale on Benchmades. 20% off!! I picked up a 705 for myself. My wife fell in love with a CRKT Contrail. The one with the sandwitched blue and black g-10 handles. That knife is light as a feather. Yet one more reason why I love my wife. :D After looking at the Contrail, she looked at me and said "I don't have a knife in G-10. I think I need to buy this one." :D She's starting to have quite a little collection of her own.

I also picked up a CRKT M-16-02. My wife bought me the Zytel handled one a couple of years ago for Christmas, and I've wanted to find the original aluminum handled one. But, I wanted one in plain-edge and with the Carson flipper. Most of the sites I called, had it in plain-edge but they were the early versions without the flipper. He had one in the display case, and I looked at it and liked the lock-up on it. I mentioned having had problems finding this particular knife, and he said "Hold on just a sec" and started checking drawers behind the case. He came back with a newer version of the same knive with the L.A.W.K.S. on it. He offered me a choice, and I took the newer version.

All in all I was very impressed with this little shop. If any forumites who live in OKC or the surrounding areas haven't been by here yet, you owe it to yourselves to stop in!


PS: Oh and you guys will be pleased to know that between stopping there, and then finding the Penn street mall, my wife and I did our part to help out the local economy!! :p
I know this is an old thread, but I've heard alot of negative reviews on this place, mostly on his sharpening. I've been in there A few times, the store Is a bit of a mess, he's got more knives than shelf space. But he is the only dealer I've been to who stocks crks. Bought 2 from him, a large graphic regular, and a large micarta classic. That's right alot of the crks he carries to this day are discontinued. He has more regulars and classics than 21s. Owners a nice guy too, knows what he's talking about too which is rare these days.