Any good knife shops in San Jose?

There are 3 Williams Cutlery stores around, one in San Jose, but the prices are high!
Don't know of any others, heard there is a great store in Carmel. Also a store on Pier 39(?) in S.F.
Stay away from that store at Pier39 in SF. It's for tourists only and IT SUCKS! The selection is mediocre and the prices are about three times what you would pay by internet. Not only that, some of the people working there can't distinguish a MacDonald's plastic spoon from a Spyderco Military. Sad, but a fact.
I haven't found any knife shops worth going to in San Jose. I've heard the SF Gun Exchange in San Francisco sometimes has a nice knife selection.

The best bet for checking out knives in this area is to get a local paper, and check the sports section for a gun show in San Jose, San Mateo (35-40 minute drive), or San Francisco (50-60 minute drive). The gun shows usually have at least a few knife dealers, and the bigger shows often have a great selection and excellent prices.

I do *all* my local knife buying at gun shows, none at all at local shops.

If you're willing to take about a 45 minute drive, Edge of the World in Oakland's Jack London Square is probably the best knife store in the Bay Area. They have a pretty good selection of folders, sharpening stones, and kitchen knives. The prices are normal retail, but at least you get to handle some knives you see on the internet. Their phone is 510-763-0523.

Try (Joe) Castello's Guns (2279 Lincoln Ave.,SJ, (408)264-6212.

Joe has a HUGE selection of knives, one of the largest in the bay area.

Everything is initially marked at retail. Like in "The Holy Grail", you MUST haggle or in Joe's own words, "he will lose all respect for you".

Good down home, hole in the wall place to shoot the s--t for an hour or so.

Stay sharp!

A gun shop in Willow Glen? Whoda thunk it?
That looks like a Willow Glen address, at least. Thanks for the tip, I might check that place out myself.


Edge of the World was great - - I got to manhandle a specwar there. In Canada it is illegal to posses a folder that can be opened by a flick of the wrist...there was a clerk in there that made EVERY folder illegal in Cdn. terms, what a feel! The store is so huge...

We cruised San Jose looking for knife stores and found a little gun store, out of the way, filled with guys wearing pistols etc. serious shooters, and a good selection of knives and stuff. Look under guns in Yellow pages, Iguess.

Good luck,

The Fighting Old Man