Any good shows in Wisconsin?


There are a couple in your neck of the woods. There's one in Edgerton in early October, then there's a good sized show in Janesville in late March. DO NOT miss it. There are always top makers there - Ralph Turnbull, Peter Martin, Matthew Lerch, If you need any other info, drop me an e-mail.

The one in spring is the Badger Show. It is excellent! Lot of good deals. Greg is right about the big names too--last year they also had Kevin Cashen, Dale Reif, Bub Worrell, Chuck Hawes . . .

Maybe we should put together a BladeForums party there. . .
Count me in if there's a BF get-together at the Badger Knife Show. I've attended the last 3-4 years & have been impressed every time.

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Good news, thanks for the info, I can't wait.
Do they have the show at the fairgrounds? It's Jefferson county fairgrounds IIRC, I
went to a gunshow there several weeks ago.

Thank again!
The show is at the Janesville Conference Center, located at the Holiday Inn Express right off of 94. Rooms are cheap - the most expensive in the building is $69 - with a whirlpool. There's a Red Roof across the parking lot if that's too pricey.

There will be a get-together at Damon's, as there has been for the last 2 years. Maybe this year, some of you guys will actually show up!

(Not a problem, fellas, we had a great time WITHOUT you!)
Today at a gun show I found some new information on the dates and location of upcoming events.

Gun and knife show- Feb. 2, 3, & 4th Milwaukee state fair park.
Gun and knife show-March 16, 17 & 18th Madison Marriott hotel west.
Badger Military show-July 27, 28, &29th NEW LOCATION Madison Marriott hotel west.
I can easily do the March show in Madison. How will I recognize you spindle-dink, lunch-wagon, saginal-crested, culled zygotes?--OKG
I can make both the Madison show and the Badger show in March. The Badger show in Janesville is at the Holiday Inn Express/Janesville
Conference Center, 3100 Wellington Place. 175 tables. $3.00 at door, $5.00
for three day pass. Friday March 23, 3-8pm, Sat 24th 8am-5pm, Sun 25th
9am - 3pm. Exit 171C from I-90.

Kind of amazed that the powers that be are actually allowing a GUN show (gasp!) here in liberal ol' Madison . . . OKG, have you been to any gun shows here in town before?

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Yup, they have them all of the time at the Dane County Forum, or is it the Alliant Forum now (?)
Despite its liberal reputation, there are more deer hunters in Madison than Communists or lesbians. In fact, some auto plants in Janesville shut down when hunting seaon is on, or when the Packers play a championship game.
I still like South Dakota better, but our jobs and family are here--for now.--OKG