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Any info about Microtech LCC (Lightfoot design)

Mar 27, 2000
I noticed an advert in Blade Magazine with Microtech version of Lightfoot LCC folder. An original Lightfoot piece is probably one of the best tactical blades on the market and Microtech is well known of manufacturing quality, so it looks like perfect colaboration doesn't it.
Do you have any info about Microtech LCC (especially about the price - original LCC costs at least $450 which is a bit too much for me)
Thanks a lot for any info
Piter M.
There are two versions coming out, a manual version and a double action. The Manual seems to be going around $150.00 and the DA is about $225.00.

Look around in the links (to dealers) section. I know Triple Aught Design, Chief's, and I believe 1SKS all have them coming.